Friday, October 1, 2010

Twice the River: An Autumn Encounter with Reflections in Still Water

Twice the River - Image c Lynda Lehmann

This view of a stream in the White Mountain National Forest on a still and sunny afternoon, pulled me in.  The reflections are as mesmerizing as the scene itself, giving one twice the natural beauty to ponder.  Reflections on a still, watery surface bring up many thoughts for me: multi-dimensionality, transience versus permanence, the possibility of parallel universes, the world as patterns of light, the nature of reality. And certainly, the ever-changing countenance of our natural world.  Infinity....

I could lose myself in the deep woods for hours, if not days.  Just being there is for me, a peak experience.  Joyful encounter, there for the taking.  Or should I say: "par-taking," as there is no element of plundering or stealing in my encounter.  Except for taking home photographs, of course, which preserves the experience through time.

To find such beauty and joy: what serendipity!

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