Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Devil's in The Details, And So is Sublimity

Light Play, Sweep of Clouds

Little Secrets of the Forest


The Details

Bark Abstract

Primeval Patterns


Lichen Painting

Textures in nature abound. To me it's a miracle just how many variations on a theme exist on every tree, every boulder, every expanse of water or sky. Infinity is manifest on so many levels. The details are there everyday to please our eyes and lead us to the recognition of forces so much greater than ourselves. Like variations on a theme or algorithmic permutations, the symphonic display of colors and surface markings is the calligraphy of the cosmos. Above you see sky, clouds, water, rock, and several views of bark and lichen. Each entity carries endless potential for changing form, surface character, or other properties. Our cup is always full with dynamic and ever-changing forms of beauty--if we will see them.

I can't begin to imagine how much more beauty and diversity of form exists in the vast world that is beyond my little sphere, but that makes the excitement and promise of mysteries to come, even greater.

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Kia ora Lynda,
    I just love the micro world of nature. I am planning my annual winter mountain tramp in a few weeks, and in talking with my tramping companion in regards to our route, we both agreed the ultimate destination did not matter, we simply want to be there, and so will the Mountain Goddess guide us. I can walk the same path for the 100th time there and it never is the same.

  2. Wonderful shots. Here's hoping we can spend the rest of our lives searching for all nature's beauty, texture and themes. Hope all is well. Good night~

  3. Love this post. Have been photographing bark, stones, rocks, lichen, soil, etc. on our land and it has me enthralled. Your work inspires me to keep going. Thank you.

  4. What a fascinating post. I love the colors and textures you captured. It is awesome to consider all the different forms that exist. Sure is hard to imagine how anyone could be bored with these little miracles everywhere.

  5. I love the closeups. Gorgeous abstract paintings!

  6. Lynda:

    Beautiful. Secret art appears in the seemingly chaotic forces of nature. You just have to have the right eye to see them. And it's obviously that you such and eye. Well done/

    By the way, I have an iMac with one gig and it takes forever to load your home page. The header and the left sidebar come right up, but the rest of the page is held in limbo for over a minute. It's the same with my new MacBook---about a minute.

    Happy trails.

  7. Love this collection of beautiful studies in textures. They are really beautiful.

  8. Hi! On occasions when I peer into an image, my mind is taken to another place as I reminisce about something that’s happened in my life.

    I suppose you call this daydreaming, but whatever it is, images have a peculiar way of making us think outside our square.

    What triggers a certain feeling or memory when we see a particular image?

    Life experiences perhaps or is it just the longing to be somewhere else?

    I know this sounds all too deep but as I look into your images, all that comes to mind are the good things that have passed my way.

    Take Care,

  9. Hi Lynda
    Thanks for stopping in and saying hello.I'm glad you liked the post on Andy.These photos are awesome I'm a huge fan of the abstracts born in the natural world.The ones on the subject of wood/bark are of special interest to me as I have taken a photographic interest to these myself.Take care and I wish you the best.

  10. I love that barkscape, just beautiful.

    I understand about the blogging time or lack thereof. lovely to pop by and peek at what you are up to.

    have a GREAT summer.

  11. ROBB - How wonderful to look forward to such treks a couple of times a year. The best way to refresh one's soul, and both calming and stimulating, in the best kind of way!

    I wish you a smooth path and many interesting and inspiring discoveries along the way!


  12. Michelle - I'm in full agreement! Peace and creative bliss upon you!! :)

  13. Bonnie - Then we are like-minded and share a common passion. Thank you for inspiring me, as well!

  14. Diane - If they're bored, their eyes must be closed.

    Of course, some people live with many hardships that don't allow them the health or the freedom to smell the roses, and I empathize with their deprivation.

    We have to count our blessings, right?

  15. CONDA - Thank you, my friend! They are direct from nature's paintbrush!

  16. Swubird - Sorry my page is taking a long time to load for you. I took a few 3rd party widgets and such off today, so maybe that will help. Let me know if that continues to happen, okay?

    One gig? Egad, I thought I'd had slow PCs. I give you a lot of credit for having the patience to deal with that. You don't have a lot of space/memory to move around in.

    With all my Photoshop work and files, I gobble up whole continents of memory!

  17. LAURIE - Thanks for coming over!

    I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool texture lover!

  18. PETER - It's great that you can open your mind and heart so that simple images become very evocative for you.

    I think most of our joys are co-mingled with nostalgia, and nostalgia is an emotion that taps on previous psychic joy or satisfaction combined with the recognition of its loss. So everything in life, really, becomes bittersweet, because as we are experiencing it, we are also moving towards losing it.

    See, now you have gotten ME to expound! Thanks so much for sharing your feelings. And I'm glad you are recalling "the good things that have passed" your way! May you have many more precious moments to remember, Peter.

  19. GREGORIO - You and I also share an interest in allover patterns in our paintings, I've noticed. I love a lot of activity, and interweaving of motion and gesture, in a composition.

    Do you consider most of your work to be "action" paintings?

    Good to see you, Gregorio. We'll have to visit more often!

  20. JAFABRIT - Hope you read the message I left you! :)

  21. Oh Lynda if comes to abstract, you are able to see so much. Your ability to extract from nature and present to us this unconditional beauty nature hides within sometimes is excellent. Beautiful photos, I am amazed. Anna :)

  22. WOW!! You and I see bark and water in the same way. Wait till you see some of my water photos. You are the only artist I know who sees water in the same way as I do. I KNOW from looking at your photos that you see Nature as fully developed and complete art. You are one of the most astounding people I will ever meet. I am deeply grateful that you exist. You make my world more real. Love, Robin


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