Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Messenger Bag at Zazzle Gets "Today's Best" Award

Come visit my Zazzle shops to see this fun mini-messenger bag and lots of other gift ideas in cool designs and high color!  There's something for everyone, for holidays and most occasions.

When you land on my home page at Watersky you'll see a list of products in the left sidebar, plus a list of my other shops, right there on the home page.  If you enjoy what you see, check back soon, because I'm always adding new designs on new items!

You will find the item below in my shop at Lynda Lehmann Florals.

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  1. Congratulations; awesome work here! Joyce

    1. Thank you so much, Joyce. Life changes have kept me from getting here to my blog. Sorry to be SOOOOO late in responding, dear woman!

  2. Some awesome work here....enjoying your blog Lynda! Joyce

  3. Beautiful site Lynda 5 big *****zz ;~} Valz

    1. Val, thank you so much for visiting. Life changes have kept me from getting here to repsond. Sorry to be SOOOOO late!


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