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Cloud Fire: A Cogent Commentary on My Digital Art by a Fifth Grade Student

Cloud Fire - Image c 2010 Lynda Lehmann

Recently a fifth grade student from Florida contacted me through one of my websites, with questions about one of my digital art pieces.  She had seen "Cloud Fire" on my Imagekind site and liked it so much that she wanted to use my image for her school report.  Lauren might have chosen any artist from the past or present, but after an internet search, she chose my work (seen above) to write about.

I feel that Lauren's report is well organized, quite readable, and true to the rules of good grammar and syntax.  To me, her report exemplifies diligence and academic excellence.  And I'm honored that she chose my art for her academic project!  

Here is the content of Lauren's report, verbatim.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  Please join me in acknowledging Lauren's writing efforts.  Lauren, thank you again for featuring my art in your paper.  Perhaps one day we will read your words again, should you choose to pursue journalism, art criticism, or perhaps teaching, as your career path. 

(Note: I have changed  Lauren's text font and formatting and moved her name to the bottom, to fit in with the formatting of this blog.)


My Favorite Work of Art: Cloud Fire 

Cloud Fire, a digital art piece by Lynda Lehmann, is energetic, inspiring, and full of bright color. It is an example of abstract art, which means that the viewer may see completely different things at different times. The name, Cloud Fire, is an especially good choice of titles for this piece because clouds are constantly transforming their shapes as well. The ‘fire’ is characterized by the blaze of neon colors. 

As Cloud Fire explodes with its swirls of Crayola bubbles, the colors seem to drive the circles on a wild ride of chaos. There is not a single pigment that isn’t represented on the exciting journey. In response to the excitement produced by the blast of color, the piece causes the viewer’s heart to beat just a little bit faster. In the midst of all the emotion, a feeling of freedom is somehow conveyed as well.

Lehmann, a current resident of Long Island, NY, utilized a computer, filters and software known as Photoshop as the mediums to produce Cloud Fire, which was completed in 2010. She chose intense tints with a lot of contrast as well as many dynamic twists and turns for the lines. Although digital artists don’t always get to see their work actually printed, Lehmann’s recommendation for Cloud Fire’s ideal size is 16” x 20”. The type of paper chosen for the print is also important for the visual experience.

In addition to practical uses, computers have become digital darkrooms in recent years. The first experiments in digital art happened in the late 1950’s occurring in Germany and the United States. As computers became more advanced, so did the opportunities for digital art. Today, digital art is a widely accepted type of art expression in galleries, boutiques and exhibits as well as on the Internet.

Cloud Fire is mysterious and aggressive at the same time. These very different characteristics cause the viewer to experience a wide scope of constantly changing emotions. It is truly abstract art at its finest. 

Lauren L. #14 

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  1. Lynda, the artwork is beautiful and the young lady's writeup is absolutely perfect. It sounds like the work of a much older person, and I had to go back and recheck her age. Quite commendable for anyone, but even more so for an 11-year-old. Lauren is an excellent writer, and she chose well. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

  2. lynda what a compliment huh? love it that you have such a young fan AND she gets it! good job on the write up i'd say for sure! thanks for sharing this, was a nice post to read tonight.

  3. Paula, she's a smart girl and a good student, and I'm tickled that she picked my art to write about. Her mom bought her a framed print of "Cloud Fire" to celebrate her achievements. I'm always happy to hear about parents encouraging their children's interests!

  4. Melody, thank you for sharing this with me. I commend Lauren for her level of writing expertise. It really is amazing!

  5. What a lovely write up of Cloud Fire (and its a wonderful vibrant piece of art too).

  6. Lynda, what a beautiful and amazing photo and blog post to discover as I start my day! Both you and Lauren ROCK!!!

    Hugs, JJ

  7. How cool! Congrats! Thanks for sharing the report. It's always cool to see/hear the opinions of kids who haven't been corrupted by reality yet.

  8. That is really quite a write up for a 5th grade student!

    @Lana - "Corrupted by reality" So that's my problem! LOL!

  9. This artwork is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from,

  10. Nature Nut - Lauren rocks! I'm proud that she wrote about my work and that she did such a good job on her report! Nice to see you, Nancy!

  11. Lana - Yes, she seems to be quite the independent thinker and has her own tastes and ideas. :)

  12. Bare bilder - Thank you for you visit. It's nice to meet you!

  13. Will - I didn't know you are corrupt! lol....

  14. She is in fifth grade? I must say she did rather well, and apparently loves this piece of yours. I do, too!

  15. Theresa - Yes, she loves it and her mother had it matted and framed for her as a gift to celebrate her academic achievement. I have a tiny photo of her wearing a big smile and holding it proudly. :)

  16. Hi! The image is absolutely mind blowing to say the least. As for Lauren, perhaps in the future we'll see her travelling the world as a successful art critic. Well done Lauren, I couldn't have said it any better.

    Take care to the both of you,

  17. Peter - Thanks for reading and affirming Lauren's hard work. I agree, she writes on a very advanced level for her age.

    I hope you are feeling will and all healed, Peter.


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