Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Metaphysics of Cloth

The Metaphysics of Cloth - c Lynda Lehmann

This 9" x 12" watercolor reflects my fascination with finding beauty in the transient and accidental, such as the folds of a towel or laundry dropped on the floor, and resonates with my general love of texture and topography. I see texture as the most universal and ever-present level of form. This is one of my older paintings.

I have long been wanting to re-visit the idea of a series like this: many different, flowing and graceful configurations of cloth. I'm finding it really difficult to work towards all my goals, but I know that I'm fortunate to have a number of compelling creative interests (even if they drive me crazy!)

I haven't posted in more that two weeks, because we've been very busy with home-building and renovating projects, as we are each summer. And our daughter is getting married next week, so that is a real sea-change life event. I'm fighting the inclination to feel "very old!" I'm joyous for her, but also feeling a bit melancholy. Where have the years gone?

I hope you are all well, not feeling too uncomfortable with this summer heat, and finding time to pursue your passions. I hope to return to blogging more regularly in August. See you soon!

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