Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Street in Bussana Vecchia

Bussana Vecchia Street - Image c Lynda Lehmann

This is a street in Bussana Vecchia, a medieval village in the Ligurian Region of Northern Italy. It was once a thriving city, until the late 1800s, when it was felled by an earthquake. It became a ghost town, deserted and inhabited only by ferral cats, until a few movie stars and artists discovered it, many decades later. Now it's an international artist's colony. It's a place of charm and mystery, in which the past stares at you from every arch and alleyway. History oozes from every stone.

Here I am, standing in front of some of my prints which I just hung in a local cafe. The photo of Bussana Vecchia was the first one to sell. Witness the empty spot where it hung.

For my next post, I'll tell you about a strange synchronicity in my life, centering around this quaint and colorful citadel on a hill in Northern Italy.

ADDENDUM: I'm not in Italy at the present time, but here on Long Island, where I live. When I said "local" cafe, I meant here at home. Sorry if the way I presented this was confusing. I didn't mean to imply that I'm in Bussana Vecchia now. I wish....

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Kia ora Lynda,
    Looks like a very cool place. I look forward to reading your synchronistic story, that has been happening to me a lot lately, including finding the video of you and the waves and water. A lot of people are seeming to be focused on much the same thoughts currently, and I enjoy that. Have a lovely day.

  2. hi lynda,
    the first picture is amazing....looks out of a dream...

  3. I would love to go visit there! No wonder it was the first to sell. How'd your show go?


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. The beauty of Italy is unparalleled as far as I am concerned. I know I will visit there again and now you've given me a reason. I've never heard of this artist colony, so thank you for letting us have a virtual visit. A little research is in order, maybe for both of us. Do you know St. Paul de Vence in France? Marc Chegall is buried there. It too is an artist colony (but very commercial)and quite beautiful.

  6. Congrats on being the Feature site on Slogbite. Very well deserved!

  7. That is very beautiful!

    Congratulations on being the featured site at SlogBite!

  8. I love Italy. I have been there twice in the last 5 years and would go back in a second.

  9. Congrats on being the Feature site on SlogBite - a very wise pick!

    You have a great, readable and interesting site and document your post well with lovely pics!

    Keep up the good work - I hope SlogBite is an inspiration to you as it is for me :-)

  10. Hey Lynda,

    Congratulations for having been SB's featured site :D! I am so proud of you *hug*!

    Now, about this post: you look great in this photo! Caps become you! :D

    I can't wait to hear all about that synchronisation story *curious face*! Let me know when it is up, all right?


  11. ROBB - Synchronicity is all around us, and when we're tuned in to it, it seems to happen more often.

    This is why blogging can be so constructive. We can share our thoughts and find that a lot of what we see in ourselves is pretty much universal. To me, this is very comforting. And I love connecting with like-minded, articulate people, whatever their beliefs or backgrounds. Especially those who declare and live their love and respect for nature.

    Great to see you, Robb. I'll be over to visit you soon.


  12. I love looking at pictures of Italy. Thanks for sharing those. But I was absolutely bowled over by your digital enigmas. Superb. I have tried a few early steps in that direction myself, but nothing like your masterpieces. Bravo!

  13. Congratulations on being featured, Linda.You deserve it.

  14. jyotsana - We only saw a few towns on the northern seacoast of Italy, and Venice. But everywhere we looked, we saw incredible beauty. Both natural and manmade. It's a place I'll always remember, and I would love to live there for awhile. It's one of my dreams....

    Although my most precious dream is for peace in the world and a sustainable way of living for all of us.

  15. SHARON - My show is stiil running. I will take it down, with my husband's help, on Sunday. That will be one month since we hung it.

    I look forward to reading any entries in my Guest Book because without an Opening Reception in this case, that is my chief source of feedback.

    I hope that those who saw it, enjoyed it. I'd like to be a fly on the wall, but I can't.

    Hope all is well with you!

  16. MARGARET - No, I don't know the place that you mention. I haven't traveled much. Just to Italy because my sister's husband is Italian and she prevailed upon me for years to go there with her/them.

    I'll be posting more pix of BV which you might enjoy seeing. I can't tell you the excitement I carry in my heart for Italy, and for BV in particular. One day when I'm wealthy, maybe I'll rent a studio for 3 months. I'll be able to gaze out over red-tiled roofs to the Mediterranean while listening to rapt whispers from the past.

    If you've ever heard of Calgata, that's another international artist's colony. Medieval I believe, as well, and built on a huge volcanic mound. The artists have their studios in grottoes all around the periphery of the city! I'd love to go there too. It's supposed to be more artistic and bohemian that it is commercial.

    I hope we will both have the good fortune to be able to visit Italy in the future!

  17. LINDA and BABS - Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by.

  18. SlogBite - I would go back there in a second, too, if I could afford it. I don't think there's any place on Earth, more charming and full of history and character.

    Hope you get to go back! :)

  19. RENNY - Thank you for your kind words. Yes, SlogBite is a terrific site and Mel has thought of all the angles. I love that he solicits and considers our feedback, so it feels more like a community than some of the sites.

    I also love being able to list in several categories. Mel is very creative this way.

    There's no question that SlogBite adds color and dimension to our blogosphere!

  20. Beautiful pic, Lynda. Makes me yearn for Italy! Obvious why it was first to sell.

  21. MAX - I will do that. I only hope I remember to write the post I promised. My mind is so full of stuff, you know, while the memory is losing its power... :(

    I need to come back and clarify my thinking on your last post. I love our exchanges.

    I hope you're having a good day, my friend. xxx

  22. Oh my this is such a special post Lynda.

    The image is magnificent. Oh they all look just stunning. As you do as well.

    It is nice to see you out and about and in Italy no less. Lucky you!!

    Congratulations also on being the featured site.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  23. DAVE - You are far too complimentary! Although I like when my images are appreciated, of course. Thanks for your kind words.

    Wish I could move at jet speed and learn so many things that I feel I now approach half-engaged and half-informed. I guess it's better to experiment, than wait to have thorough knowledge or mastery, for that day will likely, never come.

    I'm glad that when I last visited your site, everything loaded for me. PHEW!

  24. JORDANKA - Thanks for coming over and for your kind words. Will see you over at WWAO!

    Until then, have a great week. xxx

  25. CONDA - I yearn for Italy too. It's a different world. I like it so much for the culture, art, history, architecture, general beauty, et al.

    In this country, I yearn for the wide open spaces and the unspoiled forests. Not too many of either of those, will survive intact, I'm afraid.

    Thank you for the visit!

  26. JACKIE - How are you doing? Great to see you.

    Thanks for your kind words. I'm not in Italy, but on Long Island. I guess I'd better clarify the post. When I said "local" cafe, I meant here at home, not in Italy. But boy oh boy, wouldn't I LIKE to be there!

    Sorry it was misleading.

    I'm so happy to have you back, blogging and interacting with us!


  27. The purplish flowers are gorgeous with the other colors in that photo. I'm sure you knew that :o)...I tend to state the obvious at times, Lynda.

    Wonderful photo! And kudo's on the "local cafe" hangings :o).

  28. At first I thought it was too beautiful and perfect to be real but it is and how wonderful to know such a beautiful place exists. You did a remarkable job of capturing it. I am so glad that I stopped by.

  29. WOW! I can't believe the beautiful contrast of the bougainvillea's magenta against the color of the stone! That's amazingly beautiful! I can see why that print was the first to sell.


  30. What a awesome place! Love the top photo.

  31. Heather - It's fine to state the obvious. It usually just means that you agree with what it being presented or stated. It's your opinion, which I value.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the BV photo. It's a gorgeous place.

    Thanks for coming over. I hope your week is proceeding without too much tumult of sibling rivalry! ;)

  32. This is the kind of village I would never have had the chance to visit.

    Like a small heaven inside a paradise. The colour and contast from the first shot really really is a dream land to be in

  33. What a lovely place and an amazing picture! Btw I got here from Slogbite since you were featured!

  34. What an incredible picture!!

  35. WOW...what a picture...I can see why it was the first to sell! Also by the number of comments here...It think everyone else agrees! Truly a beautiful picture and the style is my favorite...one that draws you right into the place...Great job.


  36. ROENTARRE - It is a paradise, at least visually. Although survival is still a struggle for the artists who make their home there, I'm sure. Hope you DO get to visit such a place!

    HEALTH NUT WANNABEE MOM - I'm glad you stopped by too. Hope your computer problems are waning. I'm glad I haven't been using the word verification. But other strange things have been happening, too, like losing 10 of my "Followers" in one night!

  37. CINDY - I thought it was bougainvillea, since my sister has growing it in her yard in AZ--but I wasn't sure. Thank you for bringing your gardening savvy over to my blog!

    CARRIE - It IS awesome, as if springing out of a fairy tale. But the lives of the people who live there are just as real as yours and mine!

  38. CHARLES - Then I will again say THANK YOU to Mel at SB for featuring me, since it sent you over!

    WIND - I'm glad you like it!

  39. DAN - Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate your visits and will be over soon to visit you!

  40. Hey Lynda :D!

    "I will do that. I only hope I remember to write the post I promised. My mind is so full of stuff, you know, while the memory is losing its power... :("

    I know how you feel, darling! I should write it down and remind you later on...what do you say?

    "I need to come back and clarify my thinking on your last post. I love our exchanges."

    Take your time! Me too, I just love them: they enrich me :D!

    "I hope you're having a good day, my friend. xxx"

    I am having a calm day, thank God; thanks! And yourself?

  41. MAX - I'm glad you are having a peaceful day. Peace is at a premium!

    It's hectic here, as usual. To give you an example:
    -we're having trees trimmed as I write this, as hubby is too old and stiff to go up that high--lots of noise and mess.
    -we're selling my husband's deceased stepfather's house, after cleaning it out, painting and doing multiple repairs, and shredding documents for his stepfather and hubby's mom, too, that go all the way back to 1950! SAVERS, to say the least, lol..
    - getting our tax info together for the accountant tomorrow night
    - cleaning house, writing bills, and printing large prints for the coffee shop.
    - blogging
    - taking down my painting show on Sunday
    - ETC.

    I usually don't like to do info-dumps, but you asked! My days are just short of frantic, for a number of reasons.

    On another note, I too, enjoy and savor our conversations. They add a great deal of interest to my life.

    Sure, Max, if I forget to do that post you can give me a gentle reminder! Thanks.

    Hugs to you, dear! And a blissful weekend ahead...

  42. Lynda;

    What a beautiful little village. And, of course, your photography really makes it stand out.

    Well, I can't wait to read about your synchronicity. When you put it that way it sounds enticing.

    Until then...

    Happy trails.

  43. a breathtaking photo Lynda...
    no wonder you love the place ...
    (Italy...that is)
    very cool pic of you and congratulations on your sale too....
    the photo is a real winner :))

  44. Awesome! Thanks for the info on the lovely medieval town! Looking forward to the synchronicity story. I have one or two of my own & they always intrigue the heck out of me. Congrats on the display, as well, of course!

  45. I really like the photo - colors and textures as well as the arrangement, if I'm using correct terminology. (I have no training in the visual arts.)

  46. SWUBIRD - Yes, I have a little story to tell, but I'm sure I don't have the knack for story-telling that you do. :)

    Although the story is about quite a coincidence...interesting to me, at least.

    KIM - Thank you! It's good to see you. You haven't been posting much, which has lead me to assume you are just busy post-move. I hope everything is working out well for you.

    LANA - Maybe you will share your little synchronicity stories with us at some point? ;)

  47. PAUL - Thanks for coming to visit! "Color" and "texture" and "arrangement" or "composition," are just fine. You don't need formal training to know when something is pleasing or captivating to your eye. I'm glad you like the photo! :)

  48. Hey Lynda!

    Oh boy...you are busy indeed!
    My condolences for your husband's stepfather.

    "I usually don't like to do info-dumps, but you asked! My days are just short of frantic, for a number of reasons. "

    LOL LOL it's ok, darling... :)! I know exactly what you mean...

    "On another note, I too, enjoy and savor our conversations. They add a great deal of interest to my life."

    That is so kind of you, thank you...*bowing*!

    "Sure, Max, if I forget to do that post you can give me a gentle reminder! Thanks."

    It's a deal then *shaking hands*!

    I wish you a happy weekend (good luck on taking down the paintings, next Sunday)!

    Hugs and cheers

  49. Lynda that was a beautiful, beautiful photograph and it was lovely to see your lovely face in front of your work. Congratulations on the show and the sale.

  50. Tangled Stitch - You are WAY too kind! Thank you!

    Have a nice weekend. Hope you don't get snow!

  51. Lynda: Che bello!!
    Must admit I haven't heard of this place, but if and when I ever get back to Italy will have to look it up. There are so many fantastic little villages that you could spend a lifetime exploring, photographing and painting. You've inspired me to dig back into some of my photos from Italy and post them. Grazie!

  52. Congrats on the sale, Lynda - I can see why someone scoffed it up - it's gorgeous!! Glad you posted a pic of it so we could enjoy it - the colors, the history, the new life, - simply beautiful!!

  53. MARK - I don't know what's more enticing: the majesty of stone canyons and primval forests, or the charm, mystery, and history of medieval towns!

    It's all good, I guess. I wish I could be in those settings all the time, but I have to settle for once in awhile. I wouldn't mind just traveling and shooting--as long as I could be with people who are not rushing me along!

    Grazie for your visit. (I only know one long sentence in Italian, and it doesn't pertain!)

    Can't wait to see your Italy photos!

  54. KATHY - Thank you!

    Just think, spring is around the corner and we'll be getting out with our cameras more! (Oops, that would be AFTER this coming BIG snowstorm, of course.)


  55. Lynda you know I was in Italy in 2006, and similarly we visited a ghost town like that too, they are planning to do tourist attraction, however is deserted and only few people live there as it is dangerous because they are almost on the clif hanging. Thanks for sharing your story, and this is nice picture of you Lynda. Anna :)

  56. ANNA - It's great to see you. I checked your blog a few times and you hadn't posted, so I figured you were busy with Matthew. I'm sorry to hear he was sick, but at least he's on the mend.

    I remember well the days when our daughter was sick, and life revolved around her those days, even more than usual. As it should be.

    Thanks for coming over, Anna. PLEASE, never feel obligated to catch up on all my posts. I know you're a busy mom of a toddler! And you're also a great blogging friend. ;)

  57. ANNA - I forgot to say that BV is not hanging on a cliff, but the road going up is so windy and high and narrow, that my sister, my niece and I insisted on WALKING back down. We refused to get back in the car! lol...

    My poor brother-in-law was insulted!

  58. You had me going there for a bit-thinking you were in Italy! Beautiful photos, as always! When is your next local show? I would really like to come and see when the weather gets better. (Ready for all this snow tonight?) Warmly, Barbara

  59. ahhh yes Lynda
    life is getting in the way at the moment ..maybe things will settle down this month lol :)

  60. BARBARA - My next solo show will be next winter. I'll let you know details as it moves closer. It's very time-consuming to do a show and I can't do too much of it! In between, I'm displaying my photos in various place, but not in a formal "show" venue.

    My husband and I have so much going on. And you know how much time our daily routines take! And exercising. And blogging, etc. :)

    But I'd love for you to come to one of my shows and it would be my great pleasure to meet you!

    On another note, are you using acai berry in your regimen?

  61. KIM - Whatever needs to settle, I hope it's all GOOD! My thoughts are with you even when you're not blogging as much.


  62. I love the contrast of old stone work with fresh greens and brilliant flowers. Well done!

  63. KIM - You are very welcome, dear woman. And thank YOU for your wishes for my headache relief. I'm okay today! xxxx

  64. LINDA - Thank you, and thanks for stopping by! See you over at WWAO!


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