Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Night Lanterns" - A Creative Interpretation at Simply Heather Blog

Heather over at Simply Heather just posted her interpretation of one of my digital images. Some of you may remember "Night Lanterns" from a recent post.

I think Heather's interpretation is quite creative, as well as interesting and inspirational. Here's her post, if you'd like to go over to read it: Artwork by Lynda Lehmann and My Thoughts

As I told Heather in the comment I left on her blog:

"Your interpretation is incredible and I can be drawn deeply into your line of thought, even though I myself saw this image in a more generalized way, as perhaps the balance or tension between darkness and light... or as maybe a signpost or light to a more spiritual realm. Although I did not think too much about the feminine form per se, I did see the "Queen of Hearts" in it! lol...

YOU see all that you see because of your own spirituality; beauty, wisdom, spirituality, etc., are in the eyes and mind of the beholder.I'm honored that you took the time to talk about one of my images, and I'm glad it inspired you to write about it. Thanks for sharing this with your readers and me! It always amazes me how many interpretations a single abstract piece of art can bring out. Though we share so many universals in our human experience, we're all unique, as well!"

Thank you again, Heather, for sharing your creativity, intellect and spirituality with us! I'm pleased to know that you found food for thought in one of my images.

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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