Monday, March 9, 2015


Image “Waiting” c Lynda Lehmann
I want to advise my FB, artist and blogging friends that the URL to my main web site has been stolen and is being used fraudulently and no doubt, to dubious ends. I have no idea how many folks who know me or who don’t know me, have visited, and I want to warn you against doing so. If you choose to go there, you are at least forewarned and are doing so at your own risk.
Someone has snatched my name/URL (from my first and primary site, now defunct, with the owners no longer at the helm) and used it, along with my photo and some content from my bio, to create a site of dubious merit. This person has posted numerous articles in my name. Many of the articles it links to, look legit at first glance. A mysterious disclaimer on the front page about cookies and tracking makes me wonder….just what they’re after. Harnessing traffic from my once-busy site that I have lost possession and control of, or just stealing identities to pull off internet schemes?
So,, which was my beloved first and foremost site with well over 1000 art images on it, now appears to be a fraudulent baiting/phishing site of some kind. And the worst thing is that it appears at the top of all my web listings! So that means a lot of unsuspecting people have visited there.
I’m trying to address the situation, but just want to warn you that if you go there and see my name and image, it’s not me. It’s a case of internet identity theft. Just so you know!
I have been advised to post this on my sites, so that no one will be unwittingly taken advantage of.  In the meantime, I am “Waiting” for resolution of this problem.

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