Sunday, April 29, 2007

Heat In the Afternoon

This is a row house in Pennsylvania, looking lurid with shades drawn against the glare of a hot summer afternoon. When I saw it, with those shades and curtains drawn, I imagined something illicit going on inside. I painted this from a b&w photo I took, but the heat of the afternoon and the way things were all closed up, suggested these colors to me. It was my way of expressing the scene. This painting is done in watercolor on Arches paper, 11 x 15 inches. It's framed to 16 x 22 inches, in a gold metal frame. Image c Lynda Lehmann.

Please come visit my site at, if you'd like to view more of my art! My site features abstract painting and digital art, and photography with a variety of subject matter.

Art World Project for Children in Need

Art World Project is a collective effort inviting artists from all nations to contribute an artwork or two to a great cause: earning money for three major children’s charities. Seven huge panels will exhibit over 50,000 works of art from all over the world!

You can submit either a JPG alone or the digital file AND the original work--your choice--to be included.
The site has all the details, including the identities of the founders, the name of the trustee, the timeline, the charities that will receive the funding, etc. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a contribution to a great cause and be part of a global statement in support of needy children. Here’s the link:

This painting, which I call "Flower Songs," is the work I chose to submit to the project. I'm donating reproduction rights for this image. I chose it because I thought the bold forms and bright colors would appeal to children.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Group and Solo Exhibitions


"Nature Close and Far" - Photographs capturing some of nature's beauty, at Urban Coffee in Greenlawn, NY. Approximate dates June 20 through September, 2010.


February, 2010 -
I'm pleased to be one of the Showcase Winners for February at the ArtSlant site, for "Untitled Gray," in the "abstract" category.

February, 2009 - "Metrimorphic III" featured new abstract paintings combining biomorphic and geometric elements, Harborfields Library, Greenlawn, NY. Due to time constraints I will not be hosting an Opening Reception for this show.

February, 2008 - PERIPHERAL VISION - Solo Show, Alfred Van Loen Gallery, South Huntington, New York.

December, 2007 - Invited by jury to Florence Biennale.

Winter, 2007 - Medial 2 Art Biennial Group Show (Online).

October 20 - November 14, 2007 - D’Arts 2007 Festival, Arthouse Veszprém, Hungary.

June, 2007 - Center for Fine Art Photography Juried Show.

December, 2006 - Jeannie Tengelsen Gallery, Art League of Long Island, Group Show.

October-December, 2006 - Random Acts of Art, Group Show in Northport, NY

December, 2005 - Period Gallery Spiritual VIII - Special Recognition Award for "Hope Springs Eternal."

October, 2005 - Period Gallery Color III International Juried Exhibition.

August, 2005 - Period Gallery Digital/Experimental V Juried Exhibition.

May, 2005 - Alfred Van Loen Gallery, Group Show.

April, 2005 - Period Gallery Landscape VII - Special Recognition Award for "Existence of Cacti."

Feb., 2005 - Period Gallery Photographic Process VII - Special Recognition Award for "Waiting."

June, 2004 - Northport Historical Society & Museum, Northport Artists Annual Juried Show.

Spring, 2004 - Smithtown Township Arts Council Juried Show.

April, 2003 - Limner Gallery, Manhattan Accepted to Spring Salon 2003. A bout of breast cancer made it impossible to attend.

June, 2002 - Northport Historical Society and Museum, Northport Artists Annual Juried Show.

Spring, 2001 - Northport Historical Society and Museum, Northport Artists Annual Juried Show.

April, 2001 - Harborfields Public Library - Solo Exhibition.

May, 1987 - Gallery, Unitarian Fellowship of Huntington - Solo Exhibition, Poster Designs.

Winter, 1986 - Union Savings Bank - Solo Exhibition.

Spring, 1986 - Huntington Public Library - Solo Exhibition.

Winter, 1986 - Heckscher Museum, Huntington, NY - Juried Exhibit, Huntington Township Art League.

Spring, 1981 - Solo photo show in Huntington Camera.

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Inner Glow

I like to find the mystery in everyday things, like the architecture of flowers. This blossom seems to glow from within. C.S. Lewis, in his writings, talked about the experience of the "numinous," those lucid, peak moments when we see something that fills us with a sense of wonder and awe that can leave us speechless. Often, all we can manage to mutter at these times is "Wow...," because we have a sense that words are inadequate to describe what we are seeing or even how we feel about it.

Since the universal perception and pursuit of beauty cannot be explained by our biological needs like the activities of grooming, food-getting, staking territory, or procreating can, perhaps there is some other reason for it. I can't understand why there should be so much indescribable beauty in the world, and in the oddest places or most unexpected moments, if it is not intended by a higher power to lead us towards transcendence.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I took this photograph, which I named "Journey," in upstate New York, near Saugerties. I love how the tall trees make the figure look so tiny. They are overwhelming yet they seem to mark a path, or give guidance. We're all wanderers in a way. The artist in particular, has the courage to make an uncertain but very special journey. I hope these quotes will inspire you.

"Art is creative for the sake of realization, not for amusement: for transfiguration, not for the sake of play. It is the quest of our self that drives us along the eternal and never-ending journey we must all make." - Max Beckmann

"Painting is a journey. It is the way I mark my path through life." - Virginia Cobb

"A philosophy of life: I'm an adventurer, looking for treasure.” - Paulo Coelho

"If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's." - Joseph Campbell

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Art and Power: How Making Art Empowers Us

Like most people, I'm fascinated by questions about the nature of life and our place in the cosmos. As a human being, I feel all the ageless and timeless doubts of the human condition. But there's one thing I know for certain: doing art lifts me above doubt and despair and gives me joy. Being involved in creative process has helped me to say "yes" to life. In my own creativity and in other's, as well, I see glimpses of something wonderful. It's what I like to think of as "the infinite potential of the universe." It manifests in all of us, especially when we create.

For me, the activity of creating art is an affirmation of life. Experiencing "the grand mystery" gives us a feeling of joy, based on the miracle of form and the complex web of life on our planet.

Here's a short article I wrote for my blog on Absolute Arts, that was later published at Creativity Portal and in a catalog for a large artist's exhibition in India. It addresses the idea of how art gives us power over ourselves.


I think most of us would agree that producing art gives us power. I see it as a power over ourselves, as opposed to power over what is outside of ourselves. It is a personal power over our own energy, perception, and motivational systems. And perhaps more important, the making of art helps us transcend the need to achieve a social equilibrium (which in my opinion, is rarely possible anyway). Instead, we are involved in a process by which we may achieve a degree of harmony within ourselves, in relation to the universe. In the dynamic state of being committed to a creative process, we do not need to steal anyone's energy, or let them steal energy from us.

The truth wears six billion faces, each with different life circumstances, a different life script, and a different mode of emotional being. For me, doing art takes me to a place from which I can accept all scripts and embrace the subjective and relative nature of truth. (This is not to imply that morality is relative, however, because murder and extortion are always wrong, no matter whose script dictates it.)

Because my own script, when involved in creative process, is so engaging to me, always varied and full of mystery, it teaches me both tolerance and hope. The bounty of creative options available to me, gives me confidence in the infinite potential of the universe, for hope, harmony, and healing. In short, it gives me joy.

I have heard it said that artists, in doing art, are participating in a God-like creation process, and indeed it is true. While we are by no means transmuted into gods by making art, we at least become his humble hand-maidens. We see glimpses of beauty and wonder in places where other people may fail to look, unearthing it at every turn. We see new relationships, both visual and metaphoric, sociological and scientific. It becomes easier for us to step back or undercut the tendency to power struggles, that so often consumes people. (The last thing we need in this weary world is more conflict, personal or generalized, to spew hatred around the globe!)

I have heard it said, also, that we artists make art in order to find love and to be loved. I think the apex of this is that in the tender connections we make to the universe, we find some degree of self-love. I think this is a balanced form of self-love that perceives the relative and tenuous nature of things, including the subjective nature of our own lives. Therefore, in my opinion, it is a mature self-love, not to be confused with narcissism. •

All text © 2006 Lynda Lehmann

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