Wednesday, April 18, 2018

To Write or Not to Write? (Which Hat or Mask to Wear)

Masks - c Lynda Lehmann

Quantum Muse features some interesting short articles on writing. When I read them, I get excited and want to return to my fiction works.

Woe is me. Too many choices, both wonderful and agonizing. Acrylics or digital art? Geometric or organic? Maybe large florals in watercolor.... Hmmmm. Unfinished novels or short stories?  Should I start new work altogether, or try to hone those old poems that are still too wordy? Having a lot of passions is a blessing and a curse.

When I'm in conflict over which choice(s) to make, I tell myself that it doesn't really matter, as long as I know I'm producing and growing in my creative endeavors. 

What's your favorite hat -- or mask?  How do you handle conflicts of which passions to pursue?  Do you lose or find yourself in your primary passion? Or maybe both...?

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