Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Magic Lamp" Silk Scarf Designs

I'm excited to report that my "Magic Lamp" images will be among the designs made from my digital paintings, that will become available in the coming weeks for purchase at Designer Scarves by Marlena!

Many thanks to Marlena and Bob Burger for inviting me to add my designs to their catalog of fine wearable silk art!  I love color, so I can't wait to purchase one for myself and wear it.  I'll post the link when my designs go online, so you can see them and give me your opinion.  

These damp, gloomy autumn days can sure use some color, especially after the foliage has turned brown and no longer creates its seasonal magic! 

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  1. Real magic lamp like a kaleidoscope....Beautiful!

  2. Alexandra, thank you! I'm excited to wear one, as I love color!

  3. Lana - Like you, I'm TOOOO busy. But it's all good. I just need a little fix of nature's serenity right about now! I know you can relate...

  4. Lynda these are beautiful ones. It is amazing where the art can be used, almost everywhere.
    Glad to see you are blogging, I guess things getting better. BTW thanks so much for your recent visit. Yeah, I think I will be saying no to mice too. Anna :)

  5. Congratulations the scarves will be beautiful! I love the vibrant colors and randomness!

  6. ANNA - Thank you so much for your visit, as well. Yes, things are better but it's been a hectic and difficult month.

    No mice for me, Lady! I'd faint dead away if I came face to face with one. I LIKE hamsters, but mice, gerbils and rats don't agree with me.

    I'm looking forward to your next bird photo(s).


  7. tangled stitch - Thank you! I ordered one today. I can't wait to wear it to add color to these gloomy November days.

    I hope all is well with you. I'm so happy to see you've posted and will be right over!

  8. Hello Lynda.. my name is liliana martinez I love the way you make your painting so inspiring and the way you put your colors in is amazing........

  9. There is no other word for these unique images and that is, "SPECTACULAR!"

    Take Care,

  10. Liliana - Hello to you and thanks for your visit to my blog. I'm glad you like my images. I love color--and I'm happy when it also appeals to someone else! It sure can brighten our days!

  11. Peter - Thank you for your very positive words of support! You're being very generous...

    I do love color, so I'm glad you enjoyed these too, Peter. :)

  12. I love the colours, especially in the first design. :-)

  13. John - I like the 2nd one better! Thanks for your visit!


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