Monday, November 8, 2010

Bold Pattern

Bold Pattern - Image c 2010 Lynda Lehmann

I love pattern and texture.  All around us, a feast of visual material awaits our gaze, intake and processing.  When I keep my eyes and mind open my world is rich with interesting topographies in the most unexpected places, like this grating on the sidewalk in a small Maine town.  I don't know why it's there--whether it was designed for adornment or for a non-slip surface by the roadway--but it captured my eye.  It reminds me very much of African design. It's strong and compelling to look at, and the surface variations make the geometry even more interesting, a street-side iconography both pleasurable and surprising.

Have you noticed any graphic patterns around your neighborhood lately, in building materials or natural objects, that made you stop and stare or run for your camera?

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