Monday, November 22, 2010

November Flame: The Hope of a Golden Rose

November Flame - Image c Lynda Lehmann

This afternoon I was fortunate to get out for a walk.  The day was brilliant.  Golden with sunshine, mild and dry.  

I came upon this yellow rose and had to photograph it.  I thought it was outstanding for its beauty, still intact and golden in the third week of November.  Although its prime is past, it endures.  The beauty of its soft petals and brilliant color in the gleaming afternoon light made me think about the nature of the life cycle, and loss.  

We're born.  We live.  We die.  But what's in between can shine for us in joy and beauty as we choose our priorities, act out of love, and move through our days.  We all endure misfortune, sadness and loss, but infinite beauty remains to offer comfort and inspire us to move on. 

May your life be bright with the power of creative passions, the solace of natural beauty, lasting love for those present and past, and hope for our individual and collective futures.  This holiday season and always.

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