Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Weave of Life

"Grounded"  -  Image by Lynda Lehmann c 2010

An expression of love for texture as the underpinning of all the Form(s) on Earth.
Observing the details of nature makes us mindful of the wonder and cycles of life, and our own mortality.


I move in firmaments of texture
concavities minute as
bumps of binary code
strung like lights in my mind.
I am visual, viewing the universe
in hieroglyphics:
scratches on glass
grass waving in the breeze
silver bangles in lake water.
In and out,
Consciousness swells
before the place
where streams of words
meet Comprehension.
I will die
dissociated from wisdom and certainty
as do all others,
alone on a Rock
where tides flow to Eternity.
Yet still alive,
I choose the arbor path,
a tactile path imbued with inklings of
water, bark, moss, lichen
and wisps of tattered clouds
dancing among treetops,
to savor the likeness of all things
and their interaction:
the Splendid Shining Weave of Life.
All comments and constructive criticism gratefully accepted! I don't know anything about poetry--have not studied it since high school--but still I have the compulsion to write it from time to time.
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