Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Illusions, Pulse of the Motherboard, In the Balance and Rising Green: New Digital Abstracts

I don't have much time to post this week, so I thought I would at least put up a few new digital works.  I love working with design and spatial relationships.  I think you could probably guess which title applies to which image, even if I didn't have them in consecutive order in the title of this post!

Is there one among the four that resonates with you more than the others?  If so, what do you think its appeal is for you?

Hope everyone is happy and healthy and taking some time for your favorite creative activity!

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  1. Hi Lynda,

    I absolutely love the second image: it reminds me of cells multiplying from the mother-cell and spreading themselves throughout Life! Gorgeous!

    The fourth one is also fabulous: its decorative value is huge. I can see it in a minimalist modern room, embellishing a huge white wall. Divine!

    You are getting better and better, darling (you are like Porto Wine: its improves with age) :D!


  2. I, too, really love the 2nd image. Very striking. Nice combination of straight and curving lines. Kudos!

  3. wow. love the artwork, looks very cool

  4. i love the last image - it really blew me away. Fantastic

  5. Lynda:

    Beautiful work. It's difficult to say which I like more. I am partial to yellows and reds, but the one at the bottom is very creative and jumps right out at me. I hate to cop out, but I like them all. You have such great talent.I'm envious.

    Happy trails

  6. If I had these visions back in the 60's people would accuse me of being on you know what! Love your work!

    Take Care,

  7. Artists never give away their toolbox secrets, but these images do make me terribly curious (OK, dragons are ALWAYS curious) as to what software you used to make these, definitely elaborate and intriguing. I love the colors in the first image (but I'm a nut for cobalt blue.) The most striking image to me is the last one, but again it is because I love 3D imagery, and this looks like a photo of some alien molten-glass flower-chandelier, falling into a zoom-blurroscope. Fun stuff!

  8. Eduard - Just Photoshop, layering and filters, etc.

    What do you think is the best software for constructing abstract or geometric shapes? (while we're on the subject) Any info will be much appreciated!

  9. "Just photoshop", she says... (insert rolling eyes here) Wow, that's really intriguing detailed work. The best software for creating abstract geometries... well it depends on some things (type of computer you have, how geeky you want to get, etc...) I've sent you an e-mail to offer you more ideas off-line.

  10. Drakonis - I'm looking forward to exchanging some ideas! Thanks for chatting.


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