Monday, February 2, 2009

Derelict in the Field: Weathered Truck Wrecks Taken Over by Nature


Last summer I drove past this wreck at least 20 times (well, maybe it was ten). Each time I said to my husband, "Wow, this is such a cool wreck. I've GOT to photograph it before it's gone!" And each time we got out onto that same isolated stretch of highway (to go to the nearest Home Depot for construction supplies) I forgot my camera. Talk about preoccupied...

The day I finally remembered to take my equipment along--in this case, my tiny point and shoot--the wreck was still present. There she was, basking in the heat of a late summer morning, nestled in the mayhem of all those weeds. Lucky me!

I got out of the car and took about 30 shots. Each view of the truck had something different to offer. The view of the tumble-down house behind it, the burnt-out cab, the white of the birches, or the barely-showing tires. You get the point.

Believe it or not, the very next time we took that road, the truck was gone! As if someone lurking on this seemingly derelict and abandoned property, didn't want me to have any more fun!


Robbie, Sidelined

This wreck was on a more developed part of the same highway, in an area with lots of languishing old homes and businesses. Looking at this one, I had to wonder who "Robbie" is, and what's become of him. What might he be doing now, in his life? Are his truck-driving days a thing of the past?

Laid to Rest in the Birches

We found this derelict one steamy summer evening just before twilight, while the sun was still strong, even from its low point in the sky. This rusty specimen had a powerful presence, sitting on a hill, slightly above my vantage point. I have to wonder what jobs this truck pulled off in its lifetime, and what tales it might tell.

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