Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank You to SlogBite for Featuring My Blog, and to Absolute Arts for Featuring "Electric Landscape" Tomorrow

I just want to share with you that that my abstract acrylic painting, "Electric Landscape" has been chosen to be among the featured artwork on the homepages at World Wide Arts Resources and tomorrow, February 28. The feature is for the day and the rotation changes every few minutes. If you want, you can stop by at and to take a look at the featured paintings.

I know some of you have already seen this piece and I apologize for pulling it out again. But I want to share my two minutes in the sun with you. Who knows, maybe I'll pull in a new buyer! It's good exposure, at any rate.

Since we have a forecast of rain for Sunday, I may have to bring my paintings home from my show tomorrow instead of Sunday. If that's the case, I may miss my painting on Absolute Arts. Thank you, Markus, for featuring me!


Another person I want to thank is Mel Kaye over at SlogBite, for featuring me on his site this week. Please go over and check out this wonderful new blogger's directory and community if you haven't already done so. Mel is doing a great job developing the site and he thinks of all the angles. I have a feeling this is one blogging community that's going to be around for a long time!

I think that Mel should run for Congress, because he solicits our opinions and then actually considers the feedback he gets. Kudos to you, Mel! (I tried to insert the "Dancing SlogBite Guy" in this post, but he wouldn't cooperate.)

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