Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Favorite New Design: Line Play 17 Vivid Abstract

This is one of my new designs applied to Zazzle's cool products.   You can find more gift ideas with this design at my Watersky Shop and the pillow is available at Pillows by Lynda.  

I hope you like it!  I see a sweeping, dancing landscape in it, and maybe a few faces, too. But that's just me... What do you see here?





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  1. Thank you for your feedback, Vivien! And thanks for visiting!

  2. I see faces, butterfly wings and I see what looks like the spots on the wings of a male peacock. It's beautiful Lynda!!

  3. Jackie, thank you for visiting. I think I see "musical" leaves blowing in the breeze. Butterflies, too...

    Thanks very much for validating my Mindsights blog ownership. I could not figure out how to put the little snippet of HTML on my Mindsights blog.

  4. Hi Lynda,

    I see snakes (as a mystic, it is no surprise; since snakes represent transformation, wisdom, renewal etc).
    Congratulations to you, my darling: it must be great to see your art transformed into even more beautiful things :).


  5. Hi Lynda. This is my first time at your blog and I love your creativity


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