Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where My Heart Loves to Wander

Little Secrets of the Forest

The Forest Primeval

Lichen Puzzle

Rugged Terrain

Expectant, I break with the path to enter the forest gate. I know I have a pact with the forest, under whose canopy, worlds open. Engrossed by sweet, green-tinted shade spangled with glimmers of sunlight, my senses tingle. Wide-eyed I stand, compelled by the richness of possibility: here in the world of shadows and translucence, anything is possible.

I move on. The woods close around me and beckon me further. The sound of my tread is its own music as my feet pad over gnarled roots, soft beds of moss, and the tough flanks of boulders.

I feel the stretch of my calves and hear also, the rhythm of my breathing; only the murmur of the trees is more compelling. I bathe in green splendor, glad for a moment of reverie.

Here in the forest I own myself, I am fully and freely me. The covenant is with the Life Force. And I drink at its fount.

Life looms larger. More real than real, this arbor now--heaving in sync with the wind that enters its vaulted, verdant halls.

Dark hollows quiver with guarded truths, the quiet symbiosis of their parts to the whole. Wholly holy, in tune with itself, integrated and diverse, at rest in activity, steadfast but quick in growth and new life, the forest sings to me in a crescendo of beauty.

And I applaud with my soul.

Lichen Painting

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Lynda:

    Wholly holy? What a gem.

    As always with your work, great pictures and fabulous write up. I don't know which strikes me as more beautiful, the photographs or the words.

    Happy trails.

  2. Lovely post. Wonderful images.

  3. I have been transcended into this forest with you. I walk its paths quietly so as not to disturb its nature. I breathe earth's scent in and out calmly.

    This is beautifully written with some great photographs to line its journey. Well done. Hope all is well. Have a great night.

  4. Lovely. I can feel the forest through your photos. And I love your line, "in the forest I am fully me."

  5. Lynda, I just wanted to sit on that glorious boulder and soak up that strength. Oh, what delights are all around us!

  6. how magical Lynda..
    your forest and words transported me into another world of harmony..tranquility and contemplation...wonderful... :)
    have a lovely weekend :)

  7. Beautiful photos and a lovely peaceful post to read. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  8. Kia ora Lynda,
    You have put a very big smile on my face and given me much inspiration for my mountain journey this week. The ranges look beautiful from this far off distance, snow covered and glistening under the pure blue sky. I shall think of you soon when I am there!

  9. I'll accompany you although you don't need company, behind you, a little distance apart - any minute, any time, wordless, quiet, only to see, to watch and to listen!

    My favourite place also.
    Btw - dear - I changed the title of my blog into: "In Terms of Colour" -
    instead of Blooms and Blossoms (I found it more appropriate and more appealing).

    Talk to you soon again, my friend

  10. Swubird...Thank you! Will you PLEASE take off that mask!? lol....

  11. Laurie...thanks! :)

    Michelle...All is well, as long as I can get out in nature! Wish the whole world felt as peaceful.

    Bo...Thanks for coming around. I'm glad you took a little walk in the forest with me.

    Conda...I have an attraction to boulders. Don't know if that's universal or why the "energies" of a rock can move me!!!

  12. Kim...I agree that the forest is magical. It looks like you have LOADS of natural beauty around you too, in AU. Do you ever go into the outback or other wilderness areas?

    Thanks for coming by. I know you are very busy, but I always love seeing you.


  13. Hi Lynda!

    I literally got chills. Beautiful!

    Have a great day!

  14. I feel as though I have walked in that forest too through your images. Lichen Painting is awesome!

  15. Great prose and pics as usual, the words add so much, bring the images to life.

  16. You are a soul who has BECOME the forest. I know this experience. I have tears in my eyes from reading this, and exquisite beauty and joy in my heart. It reflects the depth of your connection to the woods and all life. It reflects your deepest beauty; that is what brought me to tears. To see you in this way. I felt SO connected to you. I've never heard anyone else describe how I feel in the woods...but you have. I never can find the words...but you have. So you speak for both of us my treasured friend. And you speak as beautifully as these sacred places themselves. I am SOOOOO glad you are this connected; it makes me more connected to your soul. I really like that. I am impressed by the depth here in your writing and spirit. And the photos are just stunning. Thank you SO much, Love, Robin

  17. You know Lynda when I enter the forest, I see treats all around me everywhere. So so resourceful, and the forest especially, you can be embraced from all directions. Your images are always beautiful Lynda, and thanks for sharing. Anna :)

  18. Debra...Thanks for visiting. Hope all is well!

    We are doing a massive amount of work, so not enjoying the summer in the usual sense. If we get out in a boat for half an hour, we consider ourselves very fortunate to be having any leisure at all!

  19. Robb... It always strikes me as strange that we are having summer here while winter is taking hold in other parts of the world. I know this intellectually, of course, yet it still seems strange when I ponder it.

    I can picture those peaks sparkling against the clear blue sky. Ah....

    Shout a great big "HALLLOOOOO" over the hills for me, will ya? And enjoy every minute.

    I know you will inspire all of us when you get back! Stay safe...



  20. Petra... I would welcome your company any time, to walk in the woods, meadows, or along the beach. I think we are like-minded and would quietly share the joy of it...

    I'll come see your new site name. I like the sound of it. :) Hope you are well and happy and that this summer is not too hot in Munich.

  21. The Muse... I'm thrilled if it gave you chills! That means you have felt it, too. Thanks for sharing your feelings with me!

  22. Diane....Isn't it great that we can share these experiences with our blogging friends? I know it adds a lot to MY life! Thanks for visiting, my friend.

    I love looking at lichen. They're so delicate-appearing, yet they're pretty tough and enduring. And they're so varied in shape and color, no two the same!

  23. Bob....Are you home yet? I must get over to your site to see your update. I hope you've had a wonderful and exciting time in China, which the last post indicated, you DID!

    Congrats on being quoted!

  24. ROBIN...As I may inspire you, you inspire me. And it's very uplifting and joyous to relate on the level of knowing how the "other" feels in the context of this kind of forest (or any nature) experience.

    How we relate to our environments does say a lot about our "souls," I agree. And reveling in nature is where I want my soul to be--as well as immersed in the art that helps me celebrate it.

    Thank you for your passion, your openness, your affirmation of life and other people's feelings and perceptions.

    You are a brave adventurer among landscapes and among continents of the heart. And above all, a wonderful teacher and facilitator.

    Having "met" you on the internet is very precious to me, and makes my experience all the more rich and rewarding.

    Thank you for being you, loving and lovely Robin.

    Some day we will share a hike or a sunset, or a sparkling winter vista.

  25. Anna...I like what you said, "embraced from all directions."

    That's how I feel because there is so much life teeming forth in the forest, and claiming the attention of one's senses. You can feel enveloped by the trees in a way that speaks to "enchantment." I don't know why this is, but I feel it.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, Anna, and kisses to Matthew. xxxx

  26. Hi Linda I'm back. Just wanted to let you know that I clicked on your Wizard(which I love by the way) and really enjoyed your article about Art and Power. It makes me wish I had clicked on that little Wizard weeks ago and it reminded me of the beauty and sense of self that the work of art can be.

  27. Debra... I'm excited to share that with you. Aren't we lucky to realize how our creative work empowers us?! It's my way of life and my creed. I am fueled by the process, and I know you feel that way about your stitchery.

    Thanks for reading it! Remember, the wizard is WITHIN you!

  28. Hey Lynda you won something come see.

  29. Hey, Bob, thanks! Bet I know what it is....!

    Be right over!

  30. Wow, Lynda.
    I'll be hiking in the Uinta Forest tomorrow (in Utah) and your words and images have reminded me how blessed I am. I will walk with more awe and wonder. (and maybe take a photo to cherish, but none so good as yours!)
    thank you.

  31. Kathy... Have a wonderful hike and DO take some pix to share with us! (Is it a state park setting? Is it real wilderness or one of those parks hemmed in with roads?)

    I haven't seen you in awhile. It's so nice to see your smiling face!


  32. A part of my soul still wanders through those glorious paths of green.

    So if you catch a little sparkling glimmer, out of the corner of your eye, on your next walk, then you will know part of me is always there.

    Now I was just visiting Bob and it seems someones has won a wonderful prize!!

    Congratulations!! I am so glad that you were one of the winners. I know you really give it a good work out!!

    Love, hugs and happy weekend!

  33. Love and hugs to you, Jackie! I will look for you on my next walk! I will even imagine your walking with me, so we can share the beauty of the woods. ;)

    Yes, I was lucky to be one of the names Bob picked. It was a wonderful surprise and I can't wait to get it! Bob made my day with his generous gift!

    Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful and fulfilling weekend, Jackie. Maybe you will get out there with your camera to shoot some more beautiful florals!

  34. hi want to read what you wrote but...sorry I felt I lay awake most of the time last night and now I can't read anything, so just to say, great pictures.

  35. So beautiful! I can see why you'd love this area!

  36. I totally hear you on this post. It reminds me of our own hikes--we always need to see what's around the next bend...and the next...and the next.

  37. Hi Lynda,
    I hope you have a lovely weekend!! Don't work too hard!!

    Big big hugs,

  38. There photos are relly beautiful, and I really like the way that you present the blog too. Nice work :-)


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