Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bullfrog Symphony: A Meditation Video

I want to share the mystery and beauty of the fresh-water marsh with you. If I wait until this video is fine-tuned, I may never post it! So I thought I'd do it now.

You will hear the frogs and peepers singing in concert, the gentle wind blowing past, and the sound of my snapping of still shots. I'm sitting in a rocking boat, so the stability of the camera is not what it should be.

But if you turn your sound all the way up and give it a listen, I think you'll find it relaxing!

All video and text copyright Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

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  1. Lynda this is just marvelous. Oh how wonderful to have a day to spend like this.

    This looks very much like the stream and little pond that was behind our home.

    I do miss it so much. The little boat trips made with my husband and kayaking with my grandson were and are just wonderful.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together and share with all of us.

    I hope your week continues to be just as awesome as this video.


  2. Jackie, we had about an hour, but we made the best of it.

    I agree, these little forays into nature are a wonderful thing to have access to, and to share with family and good friends.

    What a nice thing to do with your grandson! (and Walter too, of course :)

    I hope you are feeling MUCH better today!

  3. Lynda...

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been extremely busy over the last few weeks with "Summer" duties and that is why I have not commented as much on the blogs I am following. Hopefully, things will slow down a bit and I can get back into the swing of things. Still visiting...just not commenting as much. With Summer's end, things will change.


  4. How beautiful Lynda!!! Thanks for sharing that with us! I love it!

  5. How relaxing this video is listening to atmospheric song. I recognized this place from another post you made. It's a beautiful area. Have a great day.

  6. Lynda, too frigging cool, nice professional job.

  7. oh I couldn't hear the symphony Lynda :(
    but I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your beautiful photos...
    have a wonderful week's end
    xxx Kim

  8. durrr Lynda
    just went over to you tube to check out the sound of the mourning bird and realized my keyboard volume key was on mute ..
    lol ...so now I can listen to your wonderful video ;)

  9. Wonderful movie, Lynda! I hope you made it out dry! :-)

  10. I am of course sitting here with tears in my eyes. This looks like the lake where I grew up. I hunger to sit in a canoe and just listen to what I listened to here.

    I know it so well, the yellow water lilies and can smell them and the arrowhead shaped pickerel weed leaves, which put out their purple spiked flowers. And the bullfrogs and peepers and insects...and I heard red-wing blackbirds, chickadees, a woodpecker's call at one point, a scolding squirrel nearer the end and I could go on and on. It is SO deeply imprinted in my soul because it'd exactly like where I grew up. There is a deep hunger in me for it.

    This is more powerful for not being edited. The fact that I actually got to see you clicking made it more real like you were right here with me. I also was fascinated to see where your camera would stop to freeze a frame and click. I felt so deeply close to you in this video.

    I will bookmark this on YouTube --- just did it now; subscribed and added you. I can't tell you how much this means to me. I feel as if you did it just for me. I know that is selfish but I can't help but feel that way.

    I will listen to this many more times just to feel the longing in me and to see how many birds and other creatures I recognize.

    This was a gift for me. And I am loving you for it.

    PS Your comment on my post just knocked my socks off. I responded to it. There is no one like you.

  11. Beautiful and relaxing video. Enjoyed all the nature sounds. The water plants are a real treat to look at since we don't have many of those in the desert.

  12. Hi! To be one with nature is just grand! But I can't help but think, that to pay them a short visit to put me at ease is far better than living on their front door step!

    Take Care,

  13. Lynda:

    What a fantastic video. I love stuff like that. So peaceful. It soothes the mind. Well done.

    Happy trails.

  14. Lynda, lovely, simply lovely, and you're right it is relaxing.

  15. Hi Lynda,
    It's so good to be here today. And taking in these sounds and the video - is so calming. In fact, what I feel is a peace coming over me, and my heart quieting down.

    Such a wonderful, wonderful presentation...

  16. Kia ora Lynda,
    This takes me back to my youth and days at my uncle's cabin in the Wisconsin northwoods. My bedroom window was just above the lake and I used to lie there and listen to the bullfrog symphony. I miss it.

  17. Lynda you are awesome. This is so so cool, thanks for sharing this nature's moment of relaxation. Anna :) PS I wanted to say moment of silence, lol.

  18. You'd love our place. Not only are the woods full of various frogs, there are plenty of them on the house after dark, too (they await bugs, attracted by the lights.) It's a wonderful sound.

  19. Hey Lynda,

    What can I say? It is a relaxing video (I even closed my eyes while listening to it) and I thank you for having provided it to us :D!

    Now, you live in a magnificent place! The music of nature is absolutely divine and it puts you in direct contact with the creator: you are blessed, darling :D!

    I hope all is well, and I leave you to live the Magic :D!


  20. Wow, Lynda.
    I get busy, I don't blog, I don't visit other sites, I feel guilty and stressed.
    So I come to your site and find...peace and beauty and relaxation and assurance that the world is good.
    Thank you for what you do, bringing beauty to the world.


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