Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gorgeous Pink and White Carnation Poster

This elegant, lush Carnation is available now as a poster at my Zazzle Watersky Shop, and a variety of other items with this image will soon be available for gifts, as well: mugs, tees, magnets, buttons, postage stamps, and more.  I'm so glad I photographed this lovely Carnation on Mother's Day.  It really is one of the prettiest Dianthus I have ever seen!

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  1. Hi Lynda,

    It is gorgeous indeed.
    When do you celebrate Mother's Day? I have been discovering that people, around the world, have the custom to celebrate more or less the same occasions on different dates...that's why I am asking.


  2. Hi Max! Our Mother's Day was on May 13, this year. It seems to vary.

    Mothers SHOULD be recognized for all they do! :)

  3. Lovely! I learn to appreciate flowers in Canada, considering we get a lot of snow and not so much life outside during the winter!

  4. Hi Zhu! I can imagine how much you would appreciate the color and form of flowers after the long, cold Canadian winter! Just thinking of gray days and all that snow, makes me shiver!

  5. As far as I am concerned, Mother's Day should be held everyday. They are the backbone of any family!

    Take Care,


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