Monday, August 9, 2010

Foot of the Tree

Foot of the Tree - Image c Lynda Lehmann 2010

Gnarled, nicked, worn and splintered but always intertwined, trees roots rib the forest floor in a matrix of organic relationship, growth and mystery. Though their twists and turns may evoke dependency and struggle, tentativeness and uncertainty, a strong and enduring quality permeates their presence, as well.

Just like the groping roots and tangled vines, we are organic; we are of the Earth. As do the roots, vines and branches, each of us must move not in a straight line towards our goals, but in fits and spurts, past curves and detours, to reach them. Wish not for a straight and obvious path, but for the strength and tenacity to find your way.

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  1. Wish not for a straight and obvious path, but for the strength and tenacity to find your way.

    Most powerful line. I certainly wish for the strength and tenacity everyday. your photo is great.

    thanks for the tidbit on dragonflies only living for 24 hours. it's sad to think such a beautiful creature doesn't survive longer.

    hope all is well. have a great night.

  2. Kia ora Lyndaa,
    Wise words as always. I have been out in the mountains for a number of days as of late. One walk brought me to a track beside a river where for hours I walked upon, around, and through twisted and gnarled roots of the forest like your photo above. It amazes me that when we just let ourselves go in nature how we feel our way through, become part of the journey, and absorb the energy on offer. Obstacles we see ahead that may look difficult or impossible are suddenly behind us with a few quiet footsteps when we let ourselves be Guided. Rave on Lynda, Kia kaha.

  3. Naquillity - It does seem strange that a creature is born to live such a short life! I wonder why they're programmed to die so soon. (I read it in a nature book a year or two ago)

    I'm pretty sure you already have that strength and tenacity!

  4. La Dolce Vita - It's an old tree in an old forest in New Hampshire, and its roots reveal how well established it is, in that spot.

    Hope we all can be as enduring....

  5. ROBB - I am more and more attracted by and drawn in, to nature. I always was, but the addiction grows. Nature offers me its beauty, wisdom, and solace, every step of the way.

    I'm still amazed at your photos of the snowy hills and vegetation, and the peaceful spirit of your last post--in both words and images!

  6. I love all of the color & texture here. Speaking of roots, there's a small area near Niagara Falls where the humps of earth trees grew out of had eroded away. The trees remain--looking as though perched on tippy toes. It's pretty cool!

  7. what a wonderful tree, I love to see all the roots like that and what you say is so true too


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