Monday, October 11, 2010

A Bee and A Ladybug

A Bee and A Ladybug - Image c 2010 Lynda Lehmann

Nature is always full of surprises.  I shot this image on my walk today.  Looking closely at this patch of Daisies, it seemed strange enough to find a huge bee perched so close to a Ladybug.  But it was a green Ladybug, of all things!  Or maybe she is another kind of beetle that I'm unable to identify. 

If you enlarge the photo, you can see her just to the right of the bee.  Do you have any knowledge on this?  Have I missed the evolution of orange Ladybugs to green? 


  1. Nice picture and reflection of nature on it...

  2. I believe you've got a spotted cucumber beetle there. Nice shot!

  3. LANA - Thanks! Leave it to you to know what kind of insect it is! I should have consulted you!

    Hope all is well. We are snowed under with life events right now, so I'm not able to be here as often. Miss you.

  4. Hi Lynda!

    I had never seen a green Ladybug, I confess; however your picture is beautiful: muy linda!

    You still have sunny days there, at this time of the year? I thought it would be snowing by now or something...

    I hope all is well with you, my dear friend :D!


  5. MAX - How are you doing?

    We are still having mayhem here, which I will explain when I talk to you.

    Yes, we are still having brilliant, golden sunshine, so good for the spirits.

    My dear Max, I hope all is well with you too. Still looking forward to speaking with you soon.



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