Friday, August 19, 2011

Enchantment Before Twilight

Bathed in Evening Light - Lynda Lehmann c 2011

NOTE:  I have picked these two photos from my archives to post with this poem, as I could not shoot while paddling.  But they don't do justice to the beautiful play of light, water and sky I witnessed on this occasion.  Nor do my words suffice, but I write them in homage.


Thunderheads form and morph: vast cumulonimbus canyons turn from white to gray to orange or silver-rimmed.  They stand silent, at a distance.  Evening sunlight's warm caress, wraps a golden light over the emerald island: a jewel-like scene that seems to shimmer with benevolence and promise.  Verdant glowing hues band outward from the island's shore, reflected with sky tones and bands of gold and black in the flowing stream.

Pale violet clouds in cauliflower forms bifurcate and move higher, until they reach the towering nimbus state.  

So far beneath them, paddling the lake in my tiny blue kayak, I feel my smallness.  

Each dip of my paddle brings up droplets that make whirlpools as they fall back onto the water's surface.  A line of whirlpools ripples smaller as each moves forward from the first set of spreading circles.  I can hear each drop fall and watch it meld.  Ensconced in the drama of whirlpools and lace-like water doilies, my boat is couched in a pattern of of subtle movement: energy waves strong enough to be visible, yet insignificant to the larger universe.  Yet, with my persistent stroke, I have made them.  I watch the forms disperse as they merge back into the infinite and undulating sea. I do not have the power of nimbus clouds, but I make my own music, just the same.

I feel complete, ensconced in the luxury of light show and water symphony, while the sky plays its pastel counterpoint.  

It's hard for me to believe there's room for conflict, greed, and suffering in this world, while I am surrounded by all that seems holy.  

-- Poem c Lynda Lehmann 2011

Enchantment - Image c 2010 Lynda Lehmann

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  1. The evening light is rightly praised for its own beauty and for its ability to create beauty elsewhere.

    Your poem describes it all very well, even to a prosaic guy like me :-)

  2. What a lovely poem and pic. We are lake kayakers and just got a new single this year for my love for her birthday. It's blue as well, so I could REALLY see this experience as you described it. In fact, that lake could be Whiskeytown Lake where we mostly go. If you google it you'll see what I mean.

    Thanks for sharing this.



  3. Lynda,

    My dear friend! Your poem does invoke nature's beauty and mysteries.
    Indeed, when we are before such magic we tend to remember how small we are in this gorgeous world.

    Nature is one of the most beautiful things God bestowed upon us and we must do everything we can to preserve such gift.

    I heard about the quake, yesterday: are you and yours all right? I hope so.

    Big hug and cheers

  4. Very nice photos, the angles were perfect and the quality is very good, you are a professional!

    Zero Dramas

  5. I don't know how I missed this beautiful poem and the beautiful photography that accompanies it! Lovely, lovely!


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