Thursday, June 28, 2012

Of Unknown Origin: The Mysteries of the Universe

Of Unknown Origin - Image c 2012 Lynda Lehmann

Nature cloaks herself in Mystery, not revealing "why." Perhaps She knows that telling, would destroy the quest. She gives us only inklings, some fragile, small glimpses, in order to preserve her Truths. And her message to us, another paradox, is: Protect to Partake.

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  1. Hey Lynda,

    Lavish image! I loved the colours you used (one of them is my favourite).
    Yes, nature teaches us many things and it is like She whispers the same advice God gave us "eat [i.e. intake, absorb] from whatever you wish, but don't eat from the tree standing in the middle of the garden, lest you'll die [not physical death, but destruction, violent change]" so that the Truth remains preserved.

    Excellent post, my dear.


  2. Max,

    So you leave me guessing as to which of the two colors you like! Violet or mustard?

    Thank you for your commentary and wisdom, which you share so generously on your excellent blog and when you visit others.

    I think I'm becoming more agnostic, feeling that there is truth at the core of the universe, but that we'll never know much more than that love makes all things better. Love makes things survive, and that goes for all beings and the very ground we stand on. Our dear Mother Earth...

    It's always good to see you, Max!

  3. Beautiful imagery Lynda. I like the written part very much too!

  4. Hello Tangles Stitch! Good to see you on the Blogosphere. I know it's been awhile for me, for the most part. Thanks for stopping and I'm glad you like the image and words! Now I'll come over to see if you've posted. :)

  5. what a great image in both word & work... nature can definitely tell us many things. we just have to listen closely and explore its truths. have a great weekend~

  6. Naquillity - How weird! I was just thinking about you today--and how long it's been since I've seen you here or on FB. Here's to you, and hoping all is well with you and yours! So happy to see you. :)


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