Sunday, January 11, 2009

Electric Landscape

Electric Landscape - c 2009 Lynda Lehmann

I keep trying to paint something "quiet" but my love for color takes over and I end up with bright, saturated hues. I'm addicted to color! And this painting has the intensity and movement that seems to characterize my work. I wonder if I'll ever do something subtle? lol....

It's a bright Abstract Expressionist painting with active, biomorphic forms, 18 x 24 inches on gallery-wrapped canvas. I don't know how many of my customers or potential customers read my blog. But if they don't read this post, they won't know that I started out to be subtle! As you know, the process takes over, the painting takes on an life of its own, and eventually, it "tells" you what it wants to be!


My painting "Damariscotta Dream," seen here, has just been used on the cover of a poetry chapbook published by Dream Horse Press. Thank you to Dream Horse Press and Charles Sweetman for using it! (No, I'm NOT using the book for a mouse!)

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