Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Present Robert F Kennedy Jr Shocking Vaccine Cover Up Part1

My take on this is that the truth is coming from this man's lips. All you have to do is look around at all the children who have been diagnosed with neuro and behavior problems, to know something is terribly wrong.

I believe that some vaccines have saved countless lives, as in the case of smallpox and polio. But we are now churning out vaccines for every condition, and in many cases, the damage they cause is worse than enduring a short-term disease. Common sense dictates that this may not be true for the aged or those who have other medical problems.

What do you think? Are you getting a flu shot?

Each of us has to decide what's best for ourselves and our families.


  1. hmmmm it's worrying Lynda...
    I have had flu shots when I was teaching and will probably have them again for next winter...
    my children have both had immunisations when needed...

  2. Hi! I read this with great interest. In Australia, thiomersal was removed from most childhood vaccines as a precautionary measure from 2000.

    "The exception is one type of Hepatitis B vaccine which contains a greatly reduced amount of thiomersal."

    The link for this information is:

    Take Care,

  3. Thank you for this! I do believe what he says, and as a mother of two children born in 1989 and 1991, this governmental attitude really worries me. Unfortunately, the big pharmaceutical companies are far too powerful. We are all just their guinea pigs, unless we start to do the research and think for ourselves.

  4. No flu vaccine for me, thanks. Big Pharma runs too much of the country. Still waiting for the revolution, but I doubt the sheeple are going to rise up from their TVs or game consoles anytime soon.

  5. No flu vaccine for me or my kids, we've never had it before and I don't believe we need it now. I read a report recently that said that most medical facilities are reporting incidences of swine flu WITHOUT TESTING FOR THE VIRUS! Sounds very unethical to me, personally I think many of the deaths that have been reported may have been due to the patients having something other than swine flu and didn't get the proper treatment for what they actually had.

    I've heard rumors going around that the H1N1 vaccine may be made mandatory for school attendance. If that happens I'm going to be taking my kids out of class and homeschooling them. Same with that stupid Gardasil thing, my daughter is in the age range that Gardasil is recommended for and I've heard of cases where young women who had it got very sick, a few even DIED.

    Personally I think a big part of "health care reform" needs to be getting the pharmaceutical and insurance industry lobbyists OUT of Washington DC.....

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    Take Care,

  7. KIM - It is worrying. I hope Charlotte is better by now.

    I know a few people with chronic lung conditions, from smoking, who will not do well if they catch this flu that's going around.

    I've had a few flu shots myself, and I'm sure they've helped more people than they've hurt, but I just don't trust the drug companies. Not enough testing, lack of accountability, manipulation, and cover-ups. What's to trust? The profit motive is out of control.

    PETER - I find it so interesting that other more enlightened countries have outlawed harmful chemicals and drugs, far more than here, in the US. Thanks for the link!

  8. ANGELA - I can empathize with the conflict you must be in. Our daughter is grown. But when and if grandchildren come along, the same concerns will arise.

    In our society, we say we value human life. But so many drugs have harmed or killed people, one has to wonder...

  9. LANA - You're so right about the sheeple. It's tragic. We need to all speak out. We DO have the ability to exercise political will, but we've grown flabby.

    Sometimes I think our need for ENTERTAINMENT is going to kill us, for all the unattended issues that fall by the wayside...

  10. RUTH - I totally agree with everything you say. But how are we going to DO it? Hold Congress accountable and get rid of big industry lobbyists.....

    We're a long way from revolution, and I don't know what it will take to rouse the American people.

    On the other side of the coin, we know a few people whose parents did not believe in the polio vaccine, and those kids got polio and have permanent disabilities from it! And they could have died.

    So each of us has to decide what's best for ourselves and our families.

  11. PETER - I've responded to you on this, as you know. :)

  12. Lynda you know, it is so hard for me to have Matthew vaccinated, but its law here in Canada, otherwise he will not be able to attend school. The other day we had him vaccinated for regular 18 months. According to the book he supposed to have 2 shots, but doctor said it is too much on his system, and he will do the second shot at 4 years old. The reason for two shots is, since health care in Canada is free, government is trying to condense all the shots into less visits. Now you tell me if this is right?

    Personally I never had the flu shot, and I don't think I want one.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us Lynda.

    Anna :)


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