Thursday, January 14, 2010


The human condition leaves much to be desired. Now we have the Haiti earthquake, reminding us that none of us are immune to natural disasters. Death is the great equalizer.

To me, it’s important to hang on to my values in the face of disaster and in spite of personal trials and tribulations (which of course pale when compared to the more dire scenarios unfolding around the globe).

I think, for all of us, when there is tragedy in the world, it's important to do SOMETHING to help! If you can’t rush off to a foreign land to rescue people, help your ailing parent or neighbor. Or make a donation, however small it may have to be....

As the death toll in Haiti rises, and we are numbed by the scope of the tragedy, let's get our minds and hands in gear to make donations. If you think you are poor, envision being a small child sleeping in the chaos and rubble of the street without parents, food or water. Send money for a blanket or a few gallons of water!

CNN has an extensive list of organizations who can help. I just made my donation to the American Red Cross. You can do it by phone or online. I did mine online in about one minute's time. I only wish I had done it yesterday. People are suffering.

Let's send more than love and prayers. There's no time to waste; lives are waning.

Let's start the New Year with empathy and compassion. Here's a link where you will find many choices of organizations who will send aid.

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