Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some of My Art News....

I don't want this blog to be about me. Primarily I want it to be about art, nature, poetry, and ways of looking at things. I'm sure you've noticed by now that my primary emphasis has been on the magic and beauty of nature. But I have to sneak in tidbits of personal news from time to time. So here are a few items of my news.

I and my friend Alberto D'Assumpcao, whom I met several years back at the ArtWanted site, are featured on the home page of the ArtsCad site today. My piece is the Abstract Expressionist painting (above) I call "After the Storm," which you may or may not have already seen. It's a small world, even in cyberspace. If you have time, visit Alberto's site to see his beautiful Constructivist paintings.

Also, I'm pleased to be one of the Showcase Winners for February at the ArtSlant site, for "Untitled Gray," below.
I'm in the "abstract" category.

In other personal news, I have taken down my photos from Urban Coffee and today placed a painting in a group show at the Art League of Long Island. The show represents the work of my independent study group, beautifully orchestrated and mentored by accomplished painter Stan Brodsky.

"CHASING THE RIVER" is a documentary film produced by Jay D. Kuntz, an independent videographer with over 30 years experience, who in collaboration with others has won numerous awards. I want to thank Jay for requesting permission to use my quote on "texture," which he found on Robert Genn's Painter's Keys site, in his film, along with quotes from many experts and luminaries in their respective fields.

And most of all, thank you to Chris Dunmire at Creativity Portal, for her good will, terrific enthusiasm and creativity, and for supporting the cause of artists and creativity in general!

Other than that, I'm busy painting, blogging, and working with both stock and art photos--and goodness knows, my house is showing it.

To my wonderful blogging friends whom I cherish, I'll get over to visit you just as soon as I can. You are the reason I keep this blog going, even though I seem to have less and less time for it. I've shared with you, learned from you, and been inspired by you. And for that reason, getting to know you has been precious to me.

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