Monday, March 22, 2010

Rush of Water, Hiss of Foam: Scenes from a Dazzling, Sunlit Beach Walk

I did not turn on the wind filter on my camera, as I wanted to share with you the howling of the wind and the crashing of the water. But those sounds ended up drowning out most of my commentary/narration, so I replaced the soundtrack with Beethoven's "Pastorale." I hope you like it, and enjoy the sights of this beautiful, pristine day on the beach.

I may re-do the video at a future time, with what's intact of the original soundtrack and a little tighter editing of the visuals. Now, if I can only learn to hold my camera steady and handle that movie-editing software! I can't wait to catch the next seagull performance over the waves....

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you harmony and creative bliss.

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