Friday, May 25, 2012

In Search of Archetype and Metaphor: Bizarre

Bizarre - Image c 2012 Lynda Lehmann

I've just finished working on this surreal, narrative fantasy landscape with an owl and a large feline in a cave with eyes.  Yes, the cave has eyes.  

I'm making a series of images that I hope will appeal to the imagination and speak to the idea of archetype, metaphor and dream. I've always had a fascination for metaphor, and these images will reflect my personal search for the multiple dimensions of "inner life" that reside in each of us, as I explore ideas of consciousness and meaning, as well as create (as all art does) a new visual experience. 

This image is a bit scary, I think, but I can conjure no particular meaning.  I often wonder about the idea of art needing to have a "meaning" to be legitimate.  Could the meaning lie in just having the ability to evoke an emotional response?  What do you think?  Do emotions even have a place, anymore, in this age of entertainment, distraction, hype and excess?

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