Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Floral Greeting Cards in Beautiful Colors!

Cool Customizable Greeting Cards at Zazzle!





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  1. Hi Darling!

    I loved the first card (Medieval House in Italy): it offers warmth to anyone who may be starting into Fall/Winter. The flowers are also beautiful. In summa, another great artistic job, Lady Lynda *bowing*.


  2. Hi! I found your blog via POD Information Exchange! I have a Zazzle related blog where I write about POD, Zazzle, Portuguese culture and more. You're welcome there!
    My blog:
    I am following your blog!

  3. Belinha - I visited your blog and joined. Glad to meet you and thanks for the useful POD post!

  4. Hello Lynda! Very pleased with your visit and incentive! I sometimes feel a bit lonely there!It would be nice if some more vistors drop by from time to time.I'm glad you liked the post. I need to take a close look to those POD services soon.Never imagined that there were so many! Have a good Sunday!

  5. There are lots, Belinha! At this point, I'm cutting back because it's all so time-consuming. The ART is the whole point of it, so it becomes more and more important for me/us to pick and choose.

    We will make a point to visit each other's blogs!

    You too, have a lovely Sunday. :)


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