Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Interview at Creativity Portal

"Creativity Portal" online is featuring me in an interview by Molly Childers, as part of her series on creative people in the arts. It's about my creative journey and how I feel the process has effected me.

Regarding the result of Molly's and my collaboration, Chris Dunmire, publisher of Creativity Portal, has said:

"In my opinion, this interview is one of the most inspiring testimonies to the rewarding, spiritual depths one can experience on the path of being an artist....I don't want anyone to miss reading this--I've made it Creativity Portal's home page feature this week."

The interview will also be featured in Creativity Portal's July 1 newsletter. My thanks to Chris Dunmire and Molly Childers for inviting me to be part of this series. Here is the link, if you would like to read it.

You can also read the write-up Chris has given me on her personal site, at, if you like.

The above painting is "Cosmos," acrylic on canvas and for sale at Image c Lynda Lehmann.


  1. The interview was great Lynda! Thanks for sharing all of that with us! That piece of art on the post is wonderful. I love the use of texture in it! It's wonderful!

  2. Awesome interview Lynda! Congrats on it!!! That is a beautiful painting as well, I'm loving 'Peripheral Vision'! :)


  3. Hi Lynda,
    yes, blogging takes up a lot of time; I'm on two POD Sites, and sometimes it takes a whole morning writing and answering the comments. Which is a nice way to spend the morning, but if you're working parttime and taking care of kids full time (am a single mother), it does not leave me with much time left to paint.
    I did acrylics and pastels years ago. I just love watercolors because of their unpredictability and mystery. Also love mixed media and altered imagery, but did not have the time till now to really delve into it, it's on my "to do" list when I get more time.
    Like your photographs, especially those of Italy. Read your interview, thanks for the good insights.
    Wishing you lots of creativity and many happy moments,
    barbara schreiber

  4. Barbara, thanks for coming by and for reading my interview.

    I'm on a lot of sites too, and at least four of them are POD. I'm really dizzy from all this internet stuff, but it seems like a good way to market at least some of our art.

    I love watercolor for the same reasons, but I didn't like having to mat and frame them. Or the fact that they fade more easily than acrylics. But acrylics have their limitations, too.

    Being a single mom has to be tough. We have just one daughter and she is 26 and independent. One day you will have more time to do all the things you want to do. Just keep your hand in it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. It's great to meet you.

    Let me know of any news. :)


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