Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sundrenched: The Golden Rose

I really need to be painting for a large solo show I have coming up next winter. But of course, I keep getting sidetracked by all the beautiful spring flowers that are just bursting forth everywhere.

To make matters worse, I've just purchased a new camera, a 10.2 mega pixel Sony Alpha digital SLR. Not only do I need to test it out and begin to learn how to use it, but having it in my hands makes me want to photograph everything in sight. An old obsession is photographing rocks and minerals, my own little collection of colorful crystals. They're not perfect specimens, but they're gems to me; their beauty is fascinating. Of course I'm having trouble with getting sufficient depth of field when shooting these, close up. I'm hoping to find just the right settings for my crystal shots, but don't hold your breath!

The photo above is of a rose of intense gold, as if it had absorbed all the sunlight in the world. Image c Lynda Lehmann. It's an archival print, unmatted, 12 x 15 inches on Canon pro photo paper, available at I'm hoping that soon I'll have some new mineral shots to post!


  1. Lynda, you captured the beauty of this rose perfectly! Yellow is not my favorite color, but it is when it comes to roses! I don't know what it is about a yellow rose that intrigues me, but... it does! Great photo of a magnificent and beautiful flower! Shannon

  2. That is a beautiful picture. it makes me think of summertime in my mother's rose garden. Mmmmm. And warm sunshine. And grass beneath my toes. And the smell of bark dust. Congratulations, you have won.


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