Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Photos from Scenic Bussana Vecchia

Three Arches

If Walls Could Speak

Church at Bussana Vecchia

What Lies Within

Here are a few more photos from Bussana Vecchia. I wish I had more to show you. Unfortunately I had to delete many images from my memory during my trip, to make room for more.

As you can see in the top photo, there were arches everywhere. And the weathered stone had a lot of stories to tell, as did the vines that inched their way along the ancient walls. It was interesting to see such old architecture retrofitted with pipes that carried plumbing and other modern amenities. Somehow they didn't detract very much from the overriding feeling of antiquity.

The church is still in terrible disrepair. I don't know how much of it is the original destruction from the 1880s earthquake, or more recent damage. Notice the tree growing from the top of the wall on the right, as nature makes her claim on all things that belong to another time.


I can't remember whether this last photo was taken in BV or in another one of the towns we visited, but the feeling it conveys is the same. The mystery of antiquity and the drama of human history are implicit in every stone.

Here are links to Wikipedia and the main Bussana Vecchia website, so you can read more about the international artist's colony that BV is today. Be sure to check out Wolf's and Jana's studio, which is the oldest in BV.

I'll be showing some photos from a few other charming towns in Northern Italy, as well as some from Venice, in future posts.

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Dear Lynda
    Morethan the pictures themselves, i always adore your vision of angle that bringsforth the vibrant stillness in the shots...

    Truly appreciate your concern and comments and we may meet again at

  2. Very beatiful photos of a most historic beautiful place! Thanks for sharing Lynda,

  3. It looks as if there is a lot of restoration going on. Seems great place, and a very relaxed atmosphere.

  4. TEXTURE...when I look at these beautiful photographs I see such a vivid texture that I want to reach out and just rub my hand across the surfaces of the old archways and stone walls. I love texture in a photo..thanks for a great start to my Monday morning!


  5. Merging Point - I'm glad to see you and yes, we will meet again on your blog and mine. Hope all is well. :)

    Peace and light to you.

  6. BILL - I'm very happy to share my photos of BV with you, Bill!

    DAVEM - Yes, there is some restoration going on but I think the tension still exists, with the government still objecting to the artists being there. So restoration would probably happen faster if the population there were more sure of being able to stay. That's my guess.

  7. DAN - I'm glad you like textures, too. Much of what I do in both photography and painting focuses on texture, which I consider to be the underpinning of "FORM." The tactile nature of things really appeals to my senses as much as does a more traditionally defined "pictorial" quality.

  8. BOISE DIVA - It's a special place, and I wish I had MORE photos of it to share with you. :)

  9. these are stunning photos Lynda!!!
    I love the first photo with the arch and the amazing contrasts in texture..
    the place looks absolutely magical..and how inspirational it must be for artists...
    aren't the candles at The Legendary Studio just superb...the colours are out of this world and the whitewashed walls make a stunning backdrop don't they!!

  10. I was waiting all week to see these lovely photographs. They are gloriouso. Hope you are well. I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love and now have beautiful photos of Italy to look at too!

  11. KIM - The whole place is stunning, even where it has fallen into ruin. I remember your saying that you don't like to fly, but I hope you DO get to see Italy one day!


  12. Tangled Stitch - You sound as if you're feeling content. That's a good place to be! :)

    Thanks for your visit and your kind words. I appreciate them.

    I hope the weather is warming for you up there, as it is here.

  13. Lynda: I never get tired of looking at this kind of subject; thanks for posting more. We noticed many places like this undergoing restoration when we were in Italy; they seem to know well what a treasure their heritage and architecture are. How frustrating it must be that you had to delete some shots to save storage space.. bet you won't make that mistake again if and when you go back!

  14. MARK - It was frustrating, yes, and agonizing to pick which shots to let go of. I had multiple memory sticks but they filled up too fast, needless to say. I needed to have a lot more equipment with me, a laptop and maybe an external hard disk, but it would have been hard to lug around. And when you're traveling with family, your time is not really your own. :)

  15. Oh Lynda I hate when this happens: 'Unfortunately I had to delete many images from my memory during my trip, to make room for more.' - now I carry hardrive with me, lol.

    Lynda BV is beautiful. I love the cozy feeling you showed us, even it is old and ruined.

    Anna :)

  16. Every image says so much - the history, the architecture, the vines - you must have hated to have hurried through there. Days probably still wouldn't have captured it all!

  17. ANNA - Yes, it was VERY painful and depressing to have to delete at least as many shots as I ended up keeping. I'd have a lot more to choose from now, but they've gone into the ether.

    But I will eventually post some of the rest that I DO have, from the other towns that we visited.

    Love to you and Matthew...

  18. KATHY - You've got that right, and I'm sure it would have been the same for you! You would LOVE it there! :)

  19. That truly is a wonderful place. One could spend days there and still not be satisfied. Gosh the poems and paintings one could do there...

  20. JANICE - I think you would love it!


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