Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Photos from Scenic Bussana Vecchia

Three Arches

If Walls Could Speak

Church at Bussana Vecchia

What Lies Within

Here are a few more photos from Bussana Vecchia. I wish I had more to show you. Unfortunately I had to delete many images from my memory during my trip, to make room for more.

As you can see in the top photo, there were arches everywhere. And the weathered stone had a lot of stories to tell, as did the vines that inched their way along the ancient walls. It was interesting to see such old architecture retrofitted with pipes that carried plumbing and other modern amenities. Somehow they didn't detract very much from the overriding feeling of antiquity.

The church is still in terrible disrepair. I don't know how much of it is the original destruction from the 1880s earthquake, or more recent damage. Notice the tree growing from the top of the wall on the right, as nature makes her claim on all things that belong to another time.


I can't remember whether this last photo was taken in BV or in another one of the towns we visited, but the feeling it conveys is the same. The mystery of antiquity and the drama of human history are implicit in every stone.

Here are links to Wikipedia and the main Bussana Vecchia website, so you can read more about the international artist's colony that BV is today. Be sure to check out Wolf's and Jana's studio, which is the oldest in BV.

I'll be showing some photos from a few other charming towns in Northern Italy, as well as some from Venice, in future posts.

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