Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Everything's amazing, nobody's happy

This video sure puts things in perspective. We take so much for granted!


  1. that was funny and yes, I just LOVE technology and how much easier things are now. I appreciate it daily.

  2. I saw that a while ago...but ain't it the truth???

  3. Lynda thanks for sharing, true true. Boy I love technology...okay I like nature more, lol...Anna :)

  4. What is amazing is that as silly as it was and as much as I laughed...every single bit of it was completely true!!! I love it when someone just relays true human interaction and makes us think about things that never give a second thought to.

    Thanks Lynda...this makes a great start to my weekend! You have a great one too!


  5. thanks for posting IS an amazing world and we do get bent out of shape for such crazy nonsense!


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