Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ode to Earth: Peace on the Lake

Almost Twilight - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Crimson and Indigo - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Sky - Image c Lynda Lehmann

The Poetry of Twilight - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Beneath the Surface - Image c Lynda Lehmann

A Pristine Land - Image c Lynda Lehmann

River Winds Towards Twilight - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Autumn Bliss - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Path of a Cloud Shadow - Image c Lynda Lehmann

O crystal blue sky dome,

fill my lungs with fresh air.

O sparkling clear waters,
dazzle my eyes.

O lush, waving grasses,
cushion my feet.

O fragrant soft blossoms,
delight my nose.

O gurgling river,

sing joy to my heart.

O steadfast boulders,
inspire my strength.

O crimson sunset,

stir me to prayer.

O precious Earth Mother,
nurture my life!

Image and text c 2009 Lynda Lehmann

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Good heavens Lynda - these photos are absolutely stunning in every possible way. Love the deep deep feeling in your poem - beautifully said.

  2. Absolutely wonderful. How blessed we are, truly. :)

  3. Hi! The beautiful images of lands and waters may be far from where I live, but similar grand sights abound around me too.

    Having common ground it reminds me that we're not all that different, no matter where we live and breath.

    Age we must as do the lands and seas, I take in here. Knowing that when we're gone, they'll still be here to give pleasure and comfort for our children and their children; just as they did for the ones that came before us.

    Take Care,

  4. Lynda I love your poem...a skill that I cannot master! Also my favorite picture is "Beneath the Surface" - beautiful texture and colors.


  5. Oh, Lynda! These are magnificent! "The Poetry of Twilight" stole my breath! Such beautiful colors, captured perfectly!

  6. A marriage of words and images which inspire and delight. Stunning

  7. These are beautiful. Peaceful, lovely beautiful. All I can say really.

  8. OMG Lynda these are amazing landscape images, the water colors and textures are surreal, your words are inspiring, and cute too, like this one: 'O gurgling river,
    sing joy to my heart.'. Thanks for sharing your gallery, I enjoyed very much. Anna :)

  9. Your work is spectacular! I love the poem. Nature is beautiful. I'm feeling inspired now. Thank you!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Stunning, specially the Autumn ones and a beautiful poem to boost.

  11. wow Lynda...these are beautiful!!!
    I love the reflections...
    and your poem is a wonderful reflection on nature and the joy it reminds me of Wordsworth's and Whitman's poetry :)
    we are lucky that our Summer is lingering over here...I'm hoping Autumn will arrive late ;)
    have a joyous weekend :)

  12. These are great, Lynda. They remind me of my "previous life" as an easterner. We just don't have this kind of environment out here in the west.. of course there are lakes in the mountains, but they have a different feel.
    Is this the same location shot at different times/seasons? I can't really tell. Love the "Crimson & Indigo".. looks like a reflection in the water?
    "Beneath the Surface" and "Poetry of Twilight" are exceptional also.

  13. Beautiful water shots - love the river reaching towards the twilight. You have such a way with your words and images, Lynda. Both are a work of beautiful art.

  14. its beautiful, thanks for sharing...

  15. Hi Lynda,
    I see you have had fun with your camera as well - very beautiful shots!
    Btw - I found another amazing link regarding fractals which I would like to pass on to you:

    Those fractals are incredible...
    Greetings, Petra

  16. Awesome shots, Lynda! Beautiful post!

  17. Kia ora Lynda,
    Beautiful and stunning photos. I feel like you wrote that poem for me and I am sitting high on the tops of the mountains watching the sunset overlooking a valley below with a white ribbon river winding through. Kia ora.

  18. Lynda:

    I don't like those dark clouds, but the lake is beautiful - a fitting image for a lovely poem.

    Well done.

    Happy trails.

  19. Everyone, thanks for your comments! Sorry I'm behind on responding. Hope you're all having a good week.


  20. PAINTER OF BLUE, JANICE, and LANA - Thank you! Yes, we are all blessed with our creativity!

  21. PETER - You are so right, Peter! It's a good thing to see/sense our commonality, and I think blogging helps us to do that. We're all so very much the same, under the superficial stuff!

    I too, hope that the lands and seas will be around for future generations, after we're gone....

  22. DAN - Thank you very much! I don't consider myself a poet and don't have any training in it. But once in awhile, I feel the need to blurt out something I perceive to be a truth. If it resonates with others, I feel lucky, indeed!!!! :)

  23. HEATHER - I'm glad you like that one. It's one of my favorites too, as it's so very PEACEFUL. Mellow and soft, is the twilight (at least in good weather....)

  24. EYES WIDE SHUT and TANGLED STITCH - Thank you and thanks for coming by. I appreciate your words of support!

    ANNA - I'm glad you enjoyed it and that line especially. I hope you had a nice Easter with Matthew!

    THE MUSE - If my images somehow inspired you, you have only NATURE to thank! I just snapped the shutter. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  25. MIDDLE DITCH - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. :)

    KIM - If you say my words remind you of those famous poets, I'll surely shrink from the pen forever! (Just kidding--thanks for the compliment.) I hope your slide into winter will not be too agonizing. We are again this week, looking for spring... :(

  26. MARK - I didn't know you had been an "Easterner." Every part of the country has its beauties--lucky for us!

    Yes, it's the same lake, shot at different times. Many of my shots are of clouds reflected in the water, but this one that you mentioned was just a straight shot of the clouds. The sky that night was outstanding!

    Thanks for comin' over and for your feedback!

    I'm having a problem with noise, with my new camera. Shucks, I thought I had made a great purchase. I'll have to go back to my SONY for serious shooting, unless I can resolve this. :(

  27. KML and DEDEONLINE - Thank you both for your kind words, and for sharing with me, this lake that I love!

  28. PETRA - Thanks for the link. I checked it out and some of those fractals are gorgeous! I esp. liked the ones with an organic look to them, that reminded me of plant life. I imagine you liked those a lot, as well.

    Thanks again. I bookmarked the site! :)

  29. ANNE - Thanks!

    ROBB - I did write that poem for you, and for all my blogging friends who love nature. We are blessed. And finding people to share our excitement and joy with, makes the experience even richer.

  30. SWUBIRD - Thanks for your encouragement! And congrats on being feature on SlogBite!

  31. Beneath the surface is my favorite! :) Would love to spend a weekend at these spots.

  32. beneath the surface is CAPTIVATING! gorgeous shot!

  33. Place on the Lake - paradise on earth - fantastic photos!


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