Friday, February 15, 2008

Grace and Beauty, In Honor of Kim and Mary Ann

I am moved and inspired first, by Kim's words about the "Significant Blogger Award" she presented to me and the following bloggers yesterday.

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Kim said:

Last year I designed the Southern Cross Award and awarded it to my blogging friends at PoeARTica....I have designed another Award to recognise Bloggers who make a significant contribution to my blogging world here at laketrees....These special friends have a sense of community and are wholeheartedly committed to spreading their message and friendship generously...these Bloggers excel in many different areas and all of them make a significant difference to my world....I do not expect you to pass this award on as this award is from me to you as my expression of gratitude...

And I'm moved a second time in reading Saboma's post about how she feels about the award and our blogging community. Quoting Mary Ann:

I'd like to take a moment to thank Kim and the other recipients of this thoughtful award for their participation as community role models. Every single one of us are shakers and movers. We, independently and collectively, demonstrate exemplary conduct and outstanding moral characteristics for others including bloggers to model. We are significant. We are community. Congratulations goes out to the many Significant Bloggers both recognized by this award and to those who have yet to be acknowledged for being a part of a winning team of kind hearted and ethical folks who walk their talk.

So I'm posting this beautiful orchid in honor of Kim and Mary Ann, two very dynamic and vibrant people who have touched MY blogging life! And I've posted Kim's award in my sidebar, but humbly ask her permission to change the color so that it will go better with my "decor"

And although I am not passing anything on per se, I would like to acknowledge some of my other flowers: Anna at My Only Photo, Boba at Black Holes and Astrostuff, Secret Simon at The Secret of Life, Max at Max, Barbara at Spirited Strider, Ellen at Positive Communication, Niels at My Camera World, Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage, Swubird at Swubird's Nest, KML at Photography by KML, and Merging Point at Merging Point. (See my sidebar for their links!)

I don't know how to put all the above names and sites in code so you might want to read Kim's and Mary Ann's last posts. I know most of you know Saboma at Maryannaville, and Kim at Laketrees. One day when I'm ready to become a pro blogger like Kim and Mary Ann, I'll learn all this HTML stuff!

I have a family commitment for a week, so even if I wanted to TRY to embed your links, forgive me, I don't have time! Anyway, I dedicate this orchid to you too, because you are all my flowers!

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Photo "Grace and Beauty" c 2008 Lynda Lehmann.

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