Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The U.S. Auto Industry and the Ripple Effect

Yesterday I posted this video on my Facebook page. As I just replied to a friend who commented on the video, I had not wanted to see another bailout for fat-cats who abuse the privilege of earning their living through our Capitalist system, by their tendency towards greed and corrupt and deceitful activities. Ideologically, they are the most likely segment of our society to condemn socialism. Yet they want us to take care of their gold-plated machine. "Let the 'little guy' compensate for our lack of management and foresight," is like saying "Let them eat cake."

But after watching this video, I think that bailiing out the U.S. auto industry may be a necessary evil. So many jobs will be lost by people who do NOT live gold-plated lives. Countless families will suffer in more ways than we can anticipate.

What do YOU think?


  1. Kia ora Lynda,
    Well, I guess I will be first up to the plate!
    Was this video specifically made by GM? I will have to check out that website. It seems a bit propogandish in my view.
    I just don't like having statements like 25 Billion Now or 156 Billion Later! thrown out like a real threat. Or that our national security will fall apart through being made vulnerable to attacks. We are vulnerable.
    Why is the whole automobile industry in such dire straits? Where do we draw the line as the next industry, probably the Credit Card empires start to tip? Interesting we did not have that sort of concern by the Big 3 in the 1970's when they were building crap cars and sending all the jobs they could off shore.
    Thsi will be the first of many huge issues Obama will have to confront, and to him I see Kia Kaha - Be Strong. I don't know what the decision here should be, I just don't know how chucking more money at a possibly terminally ill industry will improve the economy. There has to be some radical changes made to how these huge corporations operate.
    I am not an economist and these numbers make my head spin, but propping up a house of cards just does not make sense to me. This will require real leadership and guidance.
    Cheers Lynda, just my view.

  2. Kind of a dammed if you do and dammed if you don't isn't it. The effect on Canada would be horrendous too. Obama has a lot on his plate.

  3. I think the U.S. auto industry needs to take this critical time to reinvent themselves into forward-thinking entities that change the way Americans transport themselves around this country. The industry has the power to make significant strides in manufacturing CNG vehicles as the norm and not a specialty item. This shift would cause more fueling stations to make compressed natural gas available at every facility (whereas now in California we have not options). CNG options could be made available for homeowners to fuel their own cars in their own garages through the simple installation of special nipples onto existing natural gas lines. It could be a major revolution with some amazingly gorgeous vehicles (not cheese wedges as we have heretofore been faced with) coming off the lines that employ so many individuals. And if the U.S. auto industry really wants to claim their place in the market, they would make CNG versions of retro designs from the past. Who wouldn't love to drive a remade Woody station wagon that is environmentally friendly! If the government is going to provide any financial assistance, it needs to be specifically to finance this sort of major metamorphosis. It all seems so clear to me. I don't know why they can't see it.

  4. I completely agree with your following statement and well said, ....."Ideologically, they are the most likely segment of our society to condemn socialism. Yet they want us to take care of their gold-plated machine. "Let the 'little guy' compensate for our lack of management and foresight," is like saying "Let them eat cake.""
    ....but what I have been hearing from some republicans is an actual response of like, 'they have a bad business model, let them take the hit for it'. I was surprised to hear this, maybe it's an effort of republicans, to strike out in a new direction, back to their fundamental business ideals, rather than the big-government and moral ideals they were pursuing with George Bush.

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