Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mind Portal

That's what digital art is for me, a portal. The technology allows us to create effects that would be either too difficult or actually impossible, to do with brush and pigment in real-time. To think that way back in the 60s I was against the idea of artificial intelligence, because it seemed to take us further afield in our struggle to remain truly human! Many factors in our evolution and cultural choices may conspire to undermine both manners and morality, but the use of a particular technology, of itself, probably doesn't have that power. Whether we further evolve as a species, or devolve, or both polarities of the human experience cancel each other out so that we remain helplessly stuck in one spot, will depend on a multitude of factors of global import. But that's too far a digression for this post!

Now I not only accept the computer as a useful tool, but I embrace it for it's unlimited potential to bring us knowlegde, and aid and augment our research and creativity, among other things. Of course I recognize that it can also be used for ill, but that applies to almost any tool, technique, or technology that's ever been invented. (Evil is in the hands of the perpetrator!)

As for us artists, photographers, writers, and other creative people, I see us as adding new forms of beauty to the world. To me, that is unarguably a good thing!

As I begin to explore a bit more digital painting, I'm finding joy in it just as I do with realistic photography or expressionistic painting. This is one of my new images, and I think I like it.

To me, "Mind Portal" is a colorful, kaleidoscopic digital painting with an inner glow. I find I can lose myself in it, just as I can with many images of other techniques and genres. I know that many people would rather look at something identifiable and realistic, for a pleasing visual experience. For me, there's room for everything along the spectrum of real to surreal and unreal i.e. completely non-objective and fabricated. How about you? Do you find this kind of image engaging, or easy to dismiss?

Image and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. It's interesting you should blog about this, because for the past couple of weeks I've been thinking about this whole concept of creating in the digital age. It really is a portal isn't it? Your piece visually interprets that in such an elegant way. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of warmth and love!


  2. ohhhh what a stunning image Lyndal...
    wowee and a blog makeover too!!!
    it's gorgeous :) :)
    the colours are so restful ..
    Sheila's templates are wonderful...
    have a lovely Thanksgiving Day and a happy weekend :))

  3. I love, love your new look Lynda!
    Your digital art is stunning - one can indeed get lost in this and be taken to another realm.

    I too have embraced digital art 100%. I never used to until I tried it and then a whole new world opened up. I find one still has to know how to draw, use perspective, know lighting etc etc but what I really like is if something doesn't work the way you want you can just 'delete' it and redo - not so with watercolor LOL. There you are either creating a masterpiece or a chaotic mess!

    Right now I am exploring all the possibilities of Apophysis - the program is fascinating. Every aspect you have control over from coloring to shape to size. Each time I use it, which is often, I find another new setting that changes the results dramatically.

    Some of the work I have seen with people using Photoshop, Bryce, Maya, PSP and so many others is absolutely breathtaking and I wonder why it took so long to grasp hold of the digital world.

  4. What a great new look you have! Very elegant with beautiful colors.

    You created a beautiful digital art - the purples and greens and such depth - well done!!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Cindy, the world is changing so fast and it's sometimes very scary. There's the unanswered question of how much we can depend on artificial intelligence before we become so tied in to it, that it controls US! Meanwhile, the technologies offer us so many new dimensions to explore, both in knowledge, philosophy, aesthetics, and so on.

    For me, going digital is a little like falling down the rabbit hole. A little scary, but fascinating, just the same. And I get to escape the smell of my acrylics!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, warm and cozy and full of love and good food.

  6. Hi Kim,

    I'm due to write you a long note. Soon....

    Do you celebrate Thanksgiving over there?

    Thanks for your kind words, m'dear. Yes, Sheila does a great job and I'm going to recommend her with enthusiasm!

    I'm glad you like my new look. I've been wanting for months to go to a wider page with 3 columns but as you know, I'm code-challenged! :)

  7. Kathy, it's great to see you! Thanks for your enthusiasm. I'm liking it, myself. :)

    I did have a really nice day with family, and hope you did, as well. Will be over to visit, soon!


  8. Janice, what's amazing is HOW MANY kinds of digital art are there are! No shortage of creative possibilities!

    I've tried Apophysis and Fractal Extreme just briefly, but will go back to them. It's all so fascinating. I also have and want to learn, "Painter." Been meaning for about two years to watch the tutorials!

    Have you checked out the MOCA site? It's the Museum of Computer Art and it was virtual until this year, when they opened a brick and mortar gallery in Brooklyn, where they will have shows etc. Check it out when you have time!

    I think it's If not, you can google it.

    Thanks for coming by, dear. Hugs.....

  9. Years ago I was dismissive of digital art & considered it "cheating." I've not only come around since then, but have been considering playing with my own images a bit.
    I love the symmetry & colors in your images & this one's no different. It seems multi-layered. Really cool!

  10. My dear Lynda, Oh my not just your art work but your blog is just amazing. I feel like I am in a nice cozy place now, beautiful. Anna :)

  11. Dear Sweet Lynda,

    This is ABSOLUTELY stunning!!! I gasped when I saw this image. It is ssssoooooo YOU. This is what I mean by your elegance. Oh my word, you are talented. Wow!

    And I really like what you wrote here about the computer and technology. It really helps me embrace it for the same reasons. I love to write on it, process my photos and film, etc. And am only a novice at all the media stuff. But I'm learning. I particularly love using it to handle photos. I've not yet posted any of my really good photos. Maybe I mentioned I had some stolen and posted on another site with no credits...posted as if the person who stole them had taken the photos. When I tried to contact them there was no contact info, no place to comment, etc., which is not surprising. I wish I'd bookmarked the site and reported them to "someone". So Now I watermark even my lesser photos. And yet at the same time I refuse to life in fear of someone stealing all my photos. I hope to do a gallery showing of my good water photo as soon as I can buy an archival printer. I've had some interest in them, which is encouraging.

    I think what you are doing is like a breath of fresh air for me. Your ability to see and express beauty is off the charts.

    Sending you a big hug,

    PS thank you for inspiring me Lynda.

  12. Lana, I replied to you earlier, but somehow the comment disappeared. :(

    I hope you give the digital a whirl. It's so much fun and adds whole new dimensions to our perception and appreciation.

    You can try some of the freeware that's available on the web!

    Let me know, if you go ahead with it, how you like it!

  13. Anna, I wish you a nice, warm and cozy place every day. I'm sure holding Matthew and watching him grow is giving you plenty of warm, fuzzy feelings. What a joy your first Christmas will be!

  14. Robin, thank you for inspiring me, as well. You are too kind. "Elegant" is NOT a quality I attribute to myself on any level, due at least in part to me usual lack of subtlety! But thank you, I appreciate the compliment and the rest of your kind words.

    I hope you do work up and publish your water shots. I've found my photos on a number of sites. The worst instance was when I found about 20 of them on one person's blog, coupled with her poems and perceptions. She had attribution, but it was tiny and so far from the images themselves, as to be easily missed. I was furious. She could have just ASKED.

    If we lived closer and not continents apart, we could share our favorite wilderness places!

    Happiness on you, my already-joyous friend!

  15. Hi Lynda,

    After looking around your site (BTW, this digital image is mesmerizing)I truly believe that you should join some additional SlogBite categories, like "Artists" and "Photography", just to name a few.

  16. Oh my Lynda I don't know where to start. First your new look is fabulous!! I love it.

    Oh and of course I love digital art. I got hooked years ago. I just never seem to have the time to do much anymore.

    But, I can name some of the filters you used just by looking at your image. But, I won't!

    Oh this one is a masterpiece. I love it. I hope you do many many more of these.

    Of course right now I am hooked on photography. I did get my new camera and have been working very hard.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!:-)

  17. hi lynda
    i m a great fan of ur work and i often keep coming here to see the wonderful images that u do. this is really great..... loks mystical.

  18. Shinade, I'm glad you're working with your new camera. I know, it's so hard to budget our time to fit all our creative interests into our lifestyles!

    Thanks for your kind words. I hope you DO get to revisit the digital art. It's such a great creative pleasure!

    I'm still so new at it. I've done a piece from time to time over the past few years, but have not really mastered any programs yet. So much to learn.

    Yes, this was started in Painter and post-processed in Photoshop with a number of filters, though I'm not saying

  19. jyotsana, thanks so much for your kind words. I'm flattered that you like my work. Feeling mystical is about as good as it can get, right?

    At least for me, I know I LOVE feeling that way--means I feel in harmony with the universe.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Hi Lynda - Thanks for dropping by...Our children are sometimes very very wise.....:)
    take care

  21. Kia ora Lynda,
    I love your new look and the digital art. Using technology to connect like this, and to create, is a wonderful thing. Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with Joy.

  22. Your use of "portal" is very perceptive. I believe all artists need to open "mind portals" and enter a world full of esoteric ideas.

  23. It is a very beautiful work of art! I am no good at digital art myself but one day I hope to learn about it.

  24. That is awesome! Love the new look of your blog (great job Sheila)!

  25. Awesome Lynda, wish I knew how to do that, I like abstracts, beautiful colors.

  26. ROBB - Thank you! Always good to see you. I look forward to your visits. Yes, Thanksgiving was fun. Everyone actually BEHAVED! Hope yours was good, too!

    RONALD - Thank you for commenting. The world within us is as big or maybe bigger than, the world outside us, right? We have many untapped inner dimensions and resources. Thanks for coming by!

  27. Art and Poetry, one never knows whether he or she can produce a piece of work until he does it, right? That goes for writing as well, or any creative endeavor.

    I'm always surprised if something I BAKE turns out good, lol...

  28. cherscrap23, thank you! Sheila did a great job and I'm enjoying my new layout every day. :)

  29. I agree, any good piece of art or photograph that grabs our attention is a portal into other dimensions, to past events, to unresolved emotional issues, or to new ways of seeing and experiencing the world and more.

    Your work is absolutely beautiful with much depth and feeling. The colours, the textures, and the intentions behind the work automatically takes one on a positve journey towards ones own personal enlightenment.

    Happy day everyday and with each passing Moment.....

  30. Natural Moments, thank you so much for your beautiful words and affirmation. I appreciate your kindness.

    I am addicted to finding/seeing/trying to create, beauty. So art is my rock and in a real way, my salvation.

    The world has so much sadness and ugliness, and I try to get beyond it by letting beauty touch me, as well as the sadness.

    I wish you happy moments and days, too. :)


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