Sunday, May 31, 2009

Digital Fantasies with Lights and Orbs

Blue Dream

Circular Reverie

Fractious Orbs

Gray on Gray

With the chaos of construction going on around me, and my attempts to help my husband and also hold down the fort in other ways, I find I'm having little time to blog and even less time for art. I'm looking forward to August when we might be past this phase. Maybe at that point I'll have more time for my interests, and hubby will get to take a break. I hope to be painting by August or September, as well.

Here are some digital pieces I created wholly in Photoshop, using a variety of filters. The one at the top is the fourth in this series, and "Gray on Gray," which you see at the bottom, is the first image I created. Essentially, all four are derived from the same basic image. I could keep on going with multiple variations and probably will. But for the purpose of this post I thought it would be a good idea to show you just four images in progression, all with the same composition as a source.

One cannot help but be fascinated by the infinite possibilities and flexibility of digital art. Painting in real time involves a variety of media and leaves the tracks of the artist's hand. Digital art may lack that dimension of sensuousness and physicality, yet it has its own options that one could not so readily achieve, with brush and pigment.

Which of these images do you like the best, if any? Your feedback is important to me.

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