Monday, May 25, 2009

The River Wakens

Morning on the River - c 2009 Lynda Lehmann

River stirs to morning light.

She yawns, and stretches--sleek silver-blue--

past distant field and copse.

Though smoothly, she quickens,

unfolds to light,

flowing past verdant hills and tawny ledges,

in glimmering contentment.

In the Shade of the Far Bank - c 2009 Lynda Lehmann

Text and images c 2009 Lynda Lehmann. Please visit me at if you would like to see more of my photos, digital art, and abstract expressionist paintings.


  1. Lovely images for Memorial Day, Lynda. Poem is delightful, too.

  2. Kia ora Lynda,
    Your photos and poems always resonate within me. Rivers are indeed Living and Alive.

  3. Beautiful. There is something so peaceful about being near the river. What lovely photos.

  4. Hello Lynda,

    Wow...what a beautiful picture (#1)! Such a soothing river...its stillness lullabies us.

    I loved the poem: what a brilliant hypallage (you describe the action as if being done by the River, when in fact you speak of yourself and of the effects the River and its surrounds have on you - very good!).

    Photo #2: this one is also very beautiful! With the mountain in the background, it reminds us of life and its ups and downs; whereas the River (with its serpent-like shape) reminds us of the twists and turns of existence.

    This was a gorgeous post: simple yet deep :D!


  5. lovely photos, I love rivers, I like the idea of this river waking to the morning

  6. glorious photos Lynda...
    I love the serenity of rivers...and your poem compliments these beautifully..
    wonderful metaphor!!
    your words take me back to a different era... Wordsworth and golden daffodils... :) :)

  7. Serene and beautiful - both words and photo. Love this Lynda.

  8. I think creative writing and photography are made for each other, and you do both very well Lynda.
    Is this in New England somewhere?? Looks like home to me. I can almost hear in my mind the sounds of summer that you would experience in a spot like this... so different from where I am now.

  9. CONDA - Thanks! Hope you enjoyed the weekend and the holiday!

    ROBB - As does your sentiment and the wisdom of your writing. I'll be over soon to read your last post. :)

    HEATHER - So peaceful yes, unless there's a storm nearby. I love to watch the changes along a river and its banks. It's a special journey.

    MERGING POINT - Both of which we all sorely need, right?

  10. MAX - As always, thank you for your incisive commentary. Your awareness continues to amaze me.

    I knew I was doing that, but I didn't know there's a name for this as a figure of speech. I must look it up (hypallage). I thought I was just "personifying" the river.

    Anyway, I like to yawn and stretch and wander under the sun... :)

  11. CRAFTY GREEN POET - So do I! A river has its own life that seems different from that of a lake, perhaps because it invokes the idea/perception of "progression" as it proceeds along its course. A lake is (what appears to be) a more static entity. It's flow from one point to another is not as obvious...unless we watch very closely.

  12. KIM - Thank you for your kind words. I AM from another era!

    I think I should have been born 150years ago. But then I'd be already dead, lol.... so I guess I'll be content to live in the now! :)

  13. JANICE - You know that writing poetry is not my forte. So if it comes off okay, I'm more than pleased.

    If you ever have any tips/crits for improvement of a particular line or verse, I would welcome them. You are so gifted in this vein. Thanks for reading it!

  14. MARK - Indeed, it is New England. Maine, to be more specific.

    I know you said you lived over this way but i don't remember where, or if you told me that.

    You would have LOVED the symphony of peepers we heard the other night. Beautiful and at the same time otherworldly, and complex beyond comprehension. Eventually, I'll do a post on it, with a recording.

    My favorite thing is riding around country roads looking at barns and outbuildings, finding antiquities and marvelous beautiful places that are slightly off the beaten track. I know you like doing that too, albeit in a different region, at this juncture in your life.

    I've always loved writing, and did quite a bit of fiction in earlier years, but finally put it away for art. Blogging IS perfect for cojoining photos and writing. We are lucky to have discovered it.

    I think that people who don't blog, don't understand this!

  15. Hi Lynda,

    "As always, thank you for your incisive commentary. Your awareness continues to amaze me."

    You are welcome...but you know, I can't help it because of the depth of your posts: they stimulate my brain.

    "I knew I was doing that, but I didn't know there's a name for this as a figure of speech. I must look it up (hypallage). I thought I was just "personifying" the river."

    Personification is often mistaken by hypallage because in a way you are personifying the river, but since you conferred to it actions (and sentiment) that can only be done (and felt) by you (i.e. you transferred yourself to the river) it became a hypallage.

    "Anyway, I like to yawn and stretch and wander under the sun... :)"

    lol that sounds so peaceful :).

  16. Hi Lynda, thanks for all the messages. I love your gallery on your website, you know I actually sat and look through all your 700+, your art work absolutely amazing, and digital photos, you have super eye to catch beautiful things, I liked the wooden eyes, the texture is so so cool, not to mention the flower, shells and everything else, as I already seen some of them on your blog.

    Your blog is fine, it's me, and I know it, just don't know what it is. Usually when I run updates on the IE, things go weird next time. I am now in Modzilla, and your blog displaying perfectly - I should have thought about this browser from the beginning. I guess I stopped on Google Chrome, where I had the same thing. Oh well I will find a way to get to you, and hopefully I find the bug.

    I love your barn textures, beautiful discovery as always.

    Matthew is sending hugs and kisses. He is becoming very very affectionate, hugs us all the time, and started to walk, and trying to talk. Waves at everyone passing by, loves puppies [the bigger the dog the louder the joy scream], and lastly he prefers girls over boys to play with [oh boy!!!].

    Thanks Lynda for all, it is always nice to hear from you my friend.

    Anna :)

  17. MAX - I understand, and have just learned something new from you. Are you, or have you been, a language major?

    Right now I'm wishing for sunshine! It's cold and raw here, gray and rainy. Hope it's better where you are!

    I'll be over to visit soon, my dear Max. xxxx

  18. ANNA - It's Internet Explorer that I have had problems with, at times. I've used Mozilla but am back on IE for the time being, and not having any troubles at the moment.

    I can't believe you looked at all those images! Must have taken you quite awhile but I'm very flattered that your interest in my work(s) lasted that long.

    I do LOVE painting and photography. THe world is so full of beauty and possibility, and this is my way of savoring it.

    I see such a beauty also, in the joyous face of your son. And he is so affectionate and also drawn to girls, because of his love for you. Your joy at being a parent gives me joy, as well!

    Thank YOU for your comments and support. Give Matthew a kiss for me and enjoy the rest of your week, my dear Anna. :)


  19. These photos are beautiful. You've captured the river perfectly.

  20. So beautiful with all the greens of spring! Love them!

  21. this is such a beautiful landscape

  22. Hey Lynda this river looks just like the one we have here, lol [don't they all look the same], however, these are nice photos, and I love the poem, so refreshing. Thanks for sharing. Anna :) BTW Matthew is sending hugs and kisses your way.


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