Friday, October 23, 2009

The Omo People: A Haunting Spectacle of Harmony with Our Earth

We've all seen a number of You Tube videos. Some are mediocre and some are outstanding. In my mind, this one is unforgettable. I'm sure it will leave an indelible imprint on my consciousness.

It is at once a sermon and a promise, an homage and a litany. If you give yourself to it for a few minutes, I think you might agree with me.

The adornment and countenance of these people are haunting and beautiful. Their apparent relatedness to our Earth seems appropos to those whose lives unfold near The Great Rift. This video makes one ponder on the nature of beauty, wisdom, play, and inter-relatedness.

On the YouTube site, one of the comments was that these faces look sad. I agree, however, with another commenter who said these faces are full of awe and reverence. They are OF THE EARTH, and they KNOW it! They FEEL it in every fiber of their being, and express it constantly in their physical accoutrement.

Again, this video brings up the correlation between play, art-making, and BEING. These people have a deep connection to something that we, in what WE consider to be more "civilized" societies, can only grope for......

What do you think?

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