Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Real Magic

The Real Magic - c Lynda Lehmann 2009

Autumn is a magical time of year. In the state of Maine as in many other places, nature is going through its Rites of Passage by changing its behaviors, forms and patterns in advance of the coming winter. The paradox is that as it passes into dormancy, rest, or even hibernation, concentrating its resources in order to burst with new life in the spring, it seems to be at its most beautiful. In the time of transition the phenomenal sights are fleeting, but linger long enough to inspire us with anticipation of more life experience and joy, in the future.

Please click on the image to see a larger version. All text and image c Lynda Lehmann 2009. All rights reserved.

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  1. I love the vibrant colors of the leaves in autumn and your photograph captures the beauty of this transitional season.

  2. Kia ora Lynda,
    Thank you for the trip back in my mind to my home state of Wisconsin. Though the photo is Maine it could be many places where I have stood amongst the beauty of these colours, the earthy aroma of Nature all around, and my soul soars. Kia kaha!

  3. I love the fall. So many people believe it's the season of death, but your post says it all, it's the season of going deep to renew.

  4. Hi Lynda - Maine is just a beautiful as NH this time of the year. Can't get enough of it, and as Robert Frost stated in his October poem, Slow, Slow! I wish it would go slower too!

  5. We actually don't get that dramatic color change down here--one thing I miss about the north. Thanks for sharing your lovely photo!

  6. Oh my goodness - this is beautiful beyond words!

  7. Lynda:

    These are fantastic photos. I especially like that old General Store in your last post. Wonderful.

    By the way, it is very difficult for me to load your site. This morning it took 105 seconds from the time I clicked the mouse button. Some days it takes longer than that. And sometimes it times out. I think the graphics are loading it down.

    Anyway, nice post.

    Happy trails.

  8. Swubird, I think that happens just once in awhile when one of the HTML/Java widgets is taking too long to load. Most of the time, my page loads for me in a few seconds, maybe five or so. But thanks for telling me! I'll keep an eye on it!

    Hope all is well with you!

  9. timethief - I hope you are doing well and having some time to get out and enjoy it! Let me know how you're doing...

  10. Robb - The place where we stood so I could take a whole series of shots, made my soul soar, too! The view of Mt. Washington, already snow-covered, was spectacular.

    Too bad that in most of the shots I took that day, I could not get good focus with my camera. It has a great lens but it's just too heavy to hold still without a tripod. Next time i might have to take my tiny point and shoot!

  11. Well said, Conda, and more concisely than I have done!

  12. Kathy - We came up here before the foliage unfolded in the spring, and now it is all spent and done. Just a passing shadow on my mind. We have been SO busy that two seasons have virtually catapulted past me!

    Are you in NH? I wanted to move there, but my husband wanted lakes more than mountains...

  13. LANA - It's been exquisite, although today is cold, raw, and steely gray.

    Comin' over to see how you're doing...

  14. Misty Dawn - All of nature is more beautiful than words can express, in my opinion....

    Hope you are enjoying the season. :)

  15. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year! I just can't believe our leaves are falling almost as soon as they turn!

  16. Oh dear Lynda, you KNOW I love Maine, and this photo represents a thousand fall days of my youth.

    Fall was my favorite time of year. I literally wept when I had to drag myself onto the school bus with my arm load of heavy books. To me even in grade school I knew it was a great tragedy that I could not stay in Nature.

    Those books symbolized the weight of the world on me: school, grades, tests, IQ tests, SAT tests, hard metal desks, buzzing lights, rooms devoid of art or decoration, some without windows.

    All I wanted was to lay beneath the brilliant red, orange and yellow trees and look up amongst their branches at the shifting colors. All I wanted was to lie there and wait until the autumn breeze blew the leaves free to drift down upon my face. I spent hours doing this. There were times when I laid long enough that the leaves would cover my whole body like snow. I felt passionately alive and dreamed great dreams of adventure.

    Thank you my dear dear friend for bringing out the best in me.

  17. Lynda nature needs rest too, lol. Beautiful time of the year, and beautiful on your images. Anna :)


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