Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wishing You Peace

Lonely Path - Image c Lynda Lehmann 2009

Swan Song - Image c Lynda Lehmann 2009

Still Winter Among the Birches - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Solitude - Image c Lynda Lehmann 2009

Thicket Before Spring - Image c Lynda Lehmann 2009

Whatever your beliefs, your culture, or your position, I wish you the best at holiday season. To my readers and blogging friends: May there be peace in your nation, peace in your home, and peace in your heart.

I love all of you and although I know I may not post much for the next three weeks, I will be thinking of you, and wishing you success and joy in all your endeavors, as well.

All images and text copyright Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

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  1. Best wishes and a wish for peace for you in return. I love the photographs, the simplicity and solitude of them hearten me at this time of too much stimulation! Happy Holidays!

  2. Lynda thanks so much for nice photo gifts, these are very beautiful images, especially of the swan. Thanks so much for your lovely wishes, and wishing you the same, and nothing like a hugs and kisses from a child, that is Matthew is sending lot of them your way. Take care and have a good rest my friend, and we will see you in the new year, Anna :)

  3. Conda - He or she is certainly peaceful and graceful and a joy to watch.

    Hope you have a wonderful and joyful holiday!

  4. ANNA - You're so right, nothing like getting hugs and kisses from a child, and I appreciate them from your Matthew. He must be getting so big!

    I bet you are already busy baking. And Matthew is old enough to know what to expect, and must be very excited. I know you will all have fun and joy--and some very good cookies or cakes. I'm looking forward to seeing some Christmas photos of Matthew!

    Blessings to you and yours, Anna. :)

  5. Wonderful shots, Lynda! Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season!

  6. Your photographs ares stunning. My best wishes to you and your family during the holidays.

  7. Lynda these are beautiful! I truly love the swan! So pretty! I hope you too have a wonderfully peaceful holiday season. :)

  8. Lynda:

    I love those pictures so much. Especially the one at the top: Lonely Path. I wold love to be walking down that tree-lined path right now. Your images always make me think.

    Happy trails.

  9. Your photos remind me of the "crunchiness" of walking in the Northern woods this time of year. We've had record rain here this month, so there's no "crunchiness" for us.
    Happy holidays to you & yours. My best, always.

  10. Thank you dear Lynda for the goods wishes you give us all. Beautifully written. And these photos are starkly beautiful. "Lonely Path" looks vaguely familiar. I also love "Still Winter Among the Birches". Although we have beautiful aspen out here in NM I badly miss the birches. Whole stands of birches in Maine. I used to photograph and paint them standing naked against the white snow. It was like a B&W photograph. There was a raw beauty about them. Have a wonderful break and know that you also are in my thoughts. Love, Robin

  11. Lana - We're far from "crunchy" today. "Soggy and mucked in" is more like it!

    I love fall and winter, for their color (or the lack of it) and crunch. And the crisp air is always invigorating.

    My best to you, Lana. Enjoy your days. xxxx

  12. ANNE, POETIC SHUTTERBUG, and LISA - Thank you for your good wishes. Enjoy and be joyous!

    DEBRA ANN - I'm all for simplicity and a good deal of solitude. I hear you, about the over-stimulation of the season. Throw in the commercialism, and we could all do with some solitude and quiet time! Enjoy the best of the holidays, and let the rest go.... xxx

  13. SWUBIRD - Hiking is one of my greatest joys. It doesn't take me THROUGH nature so much as it makes me feel part of it. And I am very happy there, in that state of bliss and harmony.

    Happy trails to you, too. Have a Merry Christmas with "the Queen" and the rest of your family! :)

  14. ROBIN - I hope one day in the near future to see the aspens in NM, and to watch the sunset from high on a mesa. I can't WAIT to travel around NM! Although there are many other gorgeous places in the USA that I haven't yet seen.

    The slender white birches in Maine are a lovely counterpoint to the branching fullness of the pines, aren't they?

    I didn't know that you paint (or have painted in the past). Something else in common....

    Hugs to you, Robin!

  15. Thank you for the wonderful wishes. I enjoyed your photos greatly. It was like taking a sip of fresh air. Your blog is full with your heart and your heart warm each who approaches you. Thus you healed me and I say that literally. Thank you once again.

  16. Kia ora Lynda,
    Thank you so much for sharing this place and the inspiration it gives me to SEE nature. How great to connect with so many who get it. Have a wonderful Yuletide season full of Nature, family, and Aroha. Kia kaha.

  17. Hey Lynda,

    Thank you, thank you and thank you! :D
    Thank you for your friendship, for our conversations (which are delightful) and for being you!

    Happy Festivities, my darling! And Happy New Year :D!


  18. My very best wishes to you, as well, in this season. Your images bring stillness and serenity to my mind. Thank you.

  19. Every day of the new year
    glows with good cheer and happiness
    for you and your family
    Merry Christmas
    Happy New Year

  20. Hi! I'll be away over Christmas so I'm here early to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – take care, Peter

  21. Yes Lynda, Matthew knows his cookies, lol.
    Thanks again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010. Anna :)

  22. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful season with your family and friends. Happy Holidays, Lynda and all the best for the New Year!

  23. Happy New Year! And my wish for many more of your inspirational blog posts!

  24. Your images are brilliant !!!
    Very Happy New Year my dear Lynda !
    Happiness and tenderness for all years to come... ;)

  25. These are beautiful Lynda!!!!!
    I love the one about a path the most but love them all. :) I also like the ones of the trees.
    Their beautiful!!!

  26. Awesome pictures very refreshing...Happy New Year to you and Family :)


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