Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big Purple Pansy

Big Purple - Lynda Lehmann c 2010

Now that we're having some nice weather here in the Northeast, I would like to wish everyone some time to enjoy the sunshine and the fresh and fragrant spring air (with allergies under control, of course!)

On another note, I'm pleased to announce that "Peripheral Vision" is on the "Guide to Art Schools" list of the Best 47 Photo Blogs on the Web. My thanks to them for including my blog and congratulations to Lana Gramlich at The Dreaming Tree for being chosen for the list, as well. Lana is feeling ill this week so my thoughts are with her, and my wishes for a speedy recovery. Feel better, Lana!

Photo and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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