Friday, June 6, 2008

Passion in the Princess's Garden

Passion in the Princess's Garden - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Flaming Crest - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Elemental Vision - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Joyous Heart - Image c Lynda Lehmann

These are a few of my new digital paintings. I'm stealing time away from today's list of "to-do's" to post them. I had fun doing them, and I hope they bring pleasure to your eye! They were started in Painter and processed in Photoshop. It's fascinating what the computer can do. Digital art is certainly a new frontier, with infinite possibilities that take us to new dimensions of color and composition. All images c Lynda Lehmann. Which do you like the best?

If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind .

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  1. I always find it hard to state what I like best as for it depends on what I want to see, which may not make sense. In the deep of winter bright vivid and vibrant colours help me to get out of any doldrums. When we have the newness fresh spring colours I sometimes want to see more muted.

    I list the order of preferences, but in a half hour of looking the order may change. I am soooo fickle.

    The Flaming Crest has a sense of mystery to it that make me what to peruse deeper to see if there are hidden elements.

    Elemental Vision has interesting colour patterns and sets up energy in the balance of the complimentary colours and yet within has warm and cool tones of colours that change in different parts.

    The Joyous Heart has great colours but I have difficulty trying to look on an areas, to see more in there patterns.

    The Passion in the Princess garden vibrant colours and subtle flowing analogous tones, but today it is a little to bright for me.

    I hope this makes sense,

    Niels Henriksen

  2. So beautiful - love the colors in the Elemental Vision!

    Welcome to entrecard - it's addictive!

  3. Niels, it's very interesting to hear your perception. What you say makes perfect sense, and you're not the only one who is fickle! Not only do our moods change, as do the seasons, but I think the circumstances in our lives also color our preferences and perceptions.

    By the way, "Flaming Crest" is my favorite, too!

    Thanks for taking the time to think about it, and communicate your preference! :)

  4. KML, thanks for coming over.

    I'm not addicted to EC YET! Just what I don't need is another computer-related addiction!

    But I'll see you there.... :0

  5. ooooh I love Passion in the Princess's Garden...Lynda !!!
    when I was waiting for the page to open I said to myself WOW!!!!
    such a passionate array of colour bursting from my screen ...
    and yes...welcome to entrecard :)I I love the design of your card...simply brilliant :) :)
    have a glorious day :)

  6. Elemental Vision is my pick, how do you do these? they are awesome, you say you can do them through Photoshop, too cool, have to look into it.

  7. Kim, thanks for commenting and again, for your help with my BIG BANG post! The text editor was unbelievable SLOW when dealing with that huge links list.

    As for E.C., it's fun but I need to get the hang of it before I can glide. No matter how it goes, I guess it can't hurt.

    I'm trying to make time to do all the other things I have to, but with all these blogging inventions and innovations, it's hard to keep up! Yikes!

  8. Hey, Bob, thanks for stopping by. Yes, a combo of the Painter program and Photoshop to enhance the originals coming out of Painter!

    If you can do your gorgeous GIFs, you can do these!

    Hope you're having a good night. A great BIG wind just blew up, and I'd better close down my PC! :)

  9. Lynda:

    All I can say is Wow! My screen literally lit up with the most fantastically brilliant colors I've ever seen. Good work.

    By the way, if you are interested, I just posted an article about fibromyalgia and the new drug Lyrica on my site.

  10. I like the 2nd one best. Very nice!

  11. Hi Lynda! These are some wild kaleidoscopic images. My favorite is Flaming Crest:)

  12. indeed full of passion, one seems to be drawn to them automatically ... the colour choice is simply brilliant ...


  13. I love all these Lynda for different reasons but I must admit Elemental Vision has a hint of the mystical that draws me in. There's a haunting quality to this determined by the play of light and dark colors. It also has a touch of a fractal sense to it. These are all superb.

  14. The face in the center of the Flaming Crest is cool! You know... I've always loved your work but it looks even better on my new monitor. :)

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  15. Beautiful work, Lynda. I like the second one best!

  16. Stunning! My favorite is Elemental Vision.

  17. Hey Lynda,

    You won't even imagine what I thought when I saw this beautiful digital works!! I thought that if you could print them on cloth, gorgeous dresses would come out of it!! Can you imagine?

    I simply loved them, darling :D! Well done!


  18. Lynda:

    I simply LOVE these digital paintings. They are the bomb!Just fantastic!

  19. Wow!!!!! These are gorgeous Lynda.

  20. Tough call, I like them all. But I'm going with Joyous Heart.

  21. Wow Lynda, these are amazing. Anna :)

  22. All of your painting are lovely. colors are sweet. Elemnetal vision is the best one.


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