Thursday, March 6, 2008

Awards Night

Once upon a time, Max from Max gave me the "You Cheer Me Up Award." How did she know that Lucy has always been one of my favorites, going back to my childhood. Max's courage in exploring ideas and confronting our preconceptions, inspires me. And now I can look at Lucy and Ethel on my page whenever I want to! Thank you, dear Max! Can we maybe have a discussion on the nature of "chocoholism," one day?

Kim of Laketrees has given me the "Excellence Award," which I of course, humbly accept. I'm not too, TOO late on posting this one. Thank you, Kim! You are truly a facilitator and inspiration for our sense of blogging community, and you're just on top of your game! (except for your poor shoulder, but your artwork is just as terrific as always, in spite of it!)

Bob Johnson of Black Holes and Astrostuff generously bequeathed to me the above "2007 Inpiring Blog Award." Yes, he gave it to me last year and I'm just posting it now, but with gratitude in spite of tarditude. (is that a word?) Of course I find Bob's blog to be very inspiring, and those GIFs of his really put me in the mood to read about the universe.

I received this award from Kathy at Photography by KML awhile back, and it's taken me so darn long to get around to posting, she has probably forgotten she gave it to me. Kathy, your creative glimpses into the mysteries of our world, make me smile! I noticed a long time ago, how interesting your blog is, with economy of both word and image, well presented!

Last week I was delighted to receive these awards from Mary Ann at Maryannaville, originally given to her by Colin. Mary Ann is not only a good friend, but she's an inspiration to me because she's not afraid to go where many of us fear to tread, often presenting us with posts about controversial topics. She's posted a wonderful Shakespeare sonnet on her page to go with these friendship awards, which you might want to go over and read.

My thanks to all of you wonderful blogging friends for making my life rich with your wisdom and enthusiasm. Thanks for communicating and sharing! Please forgive me for taking so long. My posting lethargy was partly due to getting ready for my painting show, which is now over. (It will be awhile before I'll commit to all that work again, I'm sure.) I still have other awards to post, which I have not forgotten. And I appreciate those too. It's just that other responsibilities aside, I'm just plain slow at all this blogging stuff!

And now I'm going to give the Friendship Awards back to Mary Ann and to Kim, Max, Merging Point at Merging Point, Barbara at Spirited Strider , and Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage. The "You Cheer Me Up" award goes to Anna, Bob, and Carol at My View of It because they DO cheer me up, just hearing from them.

I would like to give the "Excellent Blog" award back to Kim, who is like a shining star in our blog galaxy; to Bob who brings the stars and moon and all things skyward onto our screens, whose dedication to and knowledge of his subject are amazing; and to Tristran at Mad Tomatoe, who is both knowledgeable and helpful.

Swubird gets the "You Make Me Smile" award for his shmooze power and sharing and being nice; and KML for her vision; Cindy with her kindness and kitty tales; and Olga and Drowsey Monkey, who make me laugh. If all of you knew how long it took me to construct this post, I'd make YOU laugh!

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