Friday, September 3, 2010

Naked in Eden: Robin Easton's Powerful New Book Released This Week!

As many of you know, Robin Easton is one of our most prolific, enthusiastic and passionate bloggers.  She writes with great insight about finding our core selves by opening ourselves to sensory experience through encounter with nature, and growing emotionally and spiritually in the process.

I am in proud possession of a copy of her book, a chronicle of her life-changing experience living in the Australian rain-forest.  I can't wait to read it.  I know every word will resonate with me and echo my own deepest values.  But the book is apparently a great adventure, as well, as my husband will surely attest.  He snatched the book off my desk where it was waiting for me, and hasn't put it down yet.  So I will be second in this household to read it!

Robin's words have power, because she has developed a hard-won "Power of Self" that most of us don't easily attain.  You can read about Robin's journey and book at her site.  You just might want to put in an order at your favorite bookstore after you do!

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  1. Dear Lynda, I am so touched by this and I even laughed out loud about your husband!! Of course, I am not upset with him, because for ME it is high praise!! LOL!!! I hope he hasn't told you every story ahead of time. LOL! :)

    I just cannot WAIT for you read about this time of my life. It was so wild and totally out of the world of society. I might as well have gone to another planet. It was that far off the map back then. There were no rules, only the laws of Mother Nature. Talk about liberating every single boxed in part of me. I was stripped bare in more ways than one. As you know Nature both strips us down to our core, and yet fills us with raw beauty and love. I just cannot wait to share this with you. I love you SO much!!! Robin


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